Using watercolours

Robins have been learning about Picasso’s Blue and Red Period.

Blue Period – Paintings that were part of his blue period were painted between 1901 and 1904. These paintings were painted using Monochromatic cold tones of blues and greens. The subjects of these painting were poor people suffering in poverty.

Rose Period – The Rose Period lasted from 1904 to 1906. Picasso was happy and Harlequins, circus performers and clowns appear frequently in the Rose Period. He painted with warmer tones of reds, and earthy tones.

Robins improved their watercolour art skills. They experimented with the amount of water to put on their paper/brush and the amount of paint needed to produce water colour washes.  They  experimented creating gradients of the same colour and how to use the qualities of the paint to produce an even wash of colour.  

Writing a Fantasy Story


Robins have been planning and writing an introduction to their own fantasy stories. 

First, Robins decided on their main characters, their build up, problem and resolution. Using our knowledge from our class reader, The Street Beneath My Feet, we chose a setting from the layers of the earth, like a cave. 

Then, Robins started writing the beginning of their story, including fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and interesting adjectives. 


Exploring Fantasy Films

Writing a setting description 29.9.21


This afternoon in English, Robins enjoyed exploring a short fantasy cartoon film about a girl on a beach.

We watched the film and wrote ideas down for a setting description.

Miss Knapman’s group displayed their behaviour for learning ‘working with others’ and worked as a group, sharing ideas and creating expanded noun phrases and interesting adjectives.


The class wrote ideas next to stills of the film, including expanding noun phrases and adjectives that corresponded with each setting as it changed through the film.

Getting to know Greece!


As part of their primary research on why Greece is a popular tourist destination, Robins taste tested a range of Greek food.

We tried hummus and taramasalata with pitta bread or bread sticks. We also tried some plain Greek yoghurt. We tested some olives and Greek feta cheese. Then we rated each food out of five starts and wrote why we did or didn’t like it.

Next week, Robins will make a poster / blog about Greece.

Don’t forget to do extra research at home. The following links below may help you.

  1. Safe   Search – Use this to search for information 
  2. Tripadvisor – Things to do in Greece 
  3. 9 Fantastic things to do in Greece 
  4. Visit Greece – Activities to do 
  5. Video :  Greece Ultimate Travel Guide
  6.  Ten dishes to try in Greece 

and finally, GreeceFactCards – Click here to read some fact cards. 

You may also wish to visit Kings Norton Library (or Birmingham Library)  to read books about Greece.  Remember to write notes in your homework book ready for next Tuesday’s lesson! (Or write them in the comments below)

The Street Beneath My Feet

Unravelling the book, the sound of “ahhh” and “ooooo” was filling the classroom.

This morning we explored our new class reader.  “The street beneath my feet.”
In groups we have marvelled at this double-sided foldout book. It has showed us a fascinating journey deep underground. One side of the foldout shows the ground beneath the city, whilst the reverse side shows the ground beneath the countryside. We look forward to reading it again tomorrow and writing a book review about it later!

Mamma Mia!

In Music on Monday morning, we listened to the song Mama Mia by Abba. Mr Lo showed the notes on a scale and what they looked like, we concentrated on the notes a and g.

Then we used the glockenspiels and with a partner and we played those notes along with the song.

Pablo Picasso – Cubism

This half term Robins have been studying Pablo Picasso.

Today they discussed all about cubism and had a go at creating their own cubism inspired portraits.

Excellent concentration! Well done to those of you who took care in using the oil pastels.

Notice the shapes and strong colours.

Guided Reading

This morning in Guided Reading, the Robins in year 4 were reading poems. We used reading strategies to support our reading, replacing words we didn’t know with blank, using skimming and scanning ad phonics knowledge.

We took it in turns to read poems and then found nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in the poems we had read.