Enjoying Reading In Class

Year 4 started their week off with a great session of ERIC, Enjoying Reading In Class.

Lots of children used the time to go to the library with Mrs Sabir, the rest stayed in class reading independently, paired reading or being read to by Mr Johnston.

Well done year 4, you are showing great maturity and enthusiasm for reading.

Enjoying our school library

Today year 4 spent a very enjoyable session in the school library.

The children looked through all the different sections, browsing, sharing, discussing, advising, encouraging and reading! Some read together, others read as a group or alone.

The children all found different comfortable spots to relax and read both in the library and then back in class.

Oliver was so excited about the book on stars and galaxies, he even asked Mrs Sabir to read some of it to him…. lengthy discussions followed! Oliver already knows so much and couldn’t wait to learn more. Well done Oliver.

Callum, who insisted there wouldn’t be a book he’d like, was engrossed in a fact book that he couldn’t wait to finish in class. Perfect Callum.

Alexi couldn’t choose between all the puppy and kitten story books that grabbed her attention… one at a time Alexi.

Nathan can’t wait to get back in the library and get closer to the huge pop up book! I wonder if you’ve seen it in there? Go and have a look.

Remember KS1 children can use the library every playtime and KS2 can use it every lunchtime to browse and borrow books.

Don’t forget there is a box of books out in the playground everyday too.

Saving energy

Year 4 spent the week logging their energy saving acts. It was brilliant to see so many children remembering to work hard at being energy efficient and conscious. They either filled in their logs at home or kept them in school, always remembering to fill each day in as the entered in the mornings! Such dedication.

Children even logged other ways in which they had tried to be energy efficient:

The energy log showed that:
• Children were more aware of being energy efficient.
• Children did more energy efficient tasks as the week progressed.

Well done Year 4!

Eco friendly test

Year 4 have set themselves a challenge to log how eco friendly they are. They shared lots of great things like, using less water, switching off devices, turning off lights and taking their bikes, rather than going in a car.

But saying and doing can be very different things! So the challenge is to log what we do over the next seven days. Hopefully we will see that we have increased our actions over the week.

Why don’t you set yourself the challenge too!

New child in Year 4

Year 4 welcomed a new member into the class this morning. It was lovely to see how the children have already grown in confidence as they introduced themselves and told Remus what they enjoyed to do at home and at school.

We hope our new member settles in and enjoys our happy environment.

Welcome to Remus.

New School Councillors

This morning children in Year 4 put themselves forward as school councillors.

They then told the class why they should be voted for. After their speeches the class voted for their favourite boy and girl.

Our final voting revealed the school councillors as Esmay and Moharnab.

Well done to them both, they really do have some excellent qualities and will represent year 4 brilliantly.

Climate change

During PSHE, Year 4 Robins have been looking at the meaning of climate change.

We looked at how the world is getting warmer due to climate change.

The children worked together to add:
• Switch off lights when not needed.
• Unplug devices.
• Use the car less.
• Walk or take a bike/scooter.
• Use electric cars.
• Use solar panels.
• Go back to using horses for transport, (although this brought up a discussion on the ethics of using horses, all very valid!).

Year 4 were excellent at listening to each other today. Our reporting back to the class of what our partner said was much, much better. Good job Robins!

Lets hope we all do our bit to keep our world healthy and happy, as we could see the World is in our hands. We have a responcibility to care for it.

Partitioning of numbers

Year 4 got stuck into their partitioning of numbers this morning. It was lovely to see their growth in confidence with explaining reasoning.

Well done year 4. Keep the confidence up and the questioning. We are also ensuring we start our sentences with “I agree/disagree with ——- because… “

Our questioning of each other and our own ideas is getting better and better.

Class Charter

Today in year 4 we devised a class charter.

We looked at the rights and responsibilities of each child.

We looked a four key areas:

► Being healthy
► Being safe
► Being yourself
► Being heard

The class then thought about their responsibilities and devised a class charter.