Rap Composition

Our music topic this half term, has been STOP! A song written around the importance of putting a stop to bullying. The children listened to many songs related to rap and even had a go at producing their own. I’m sure you’ll agree, we have some budding rap artists in our midst!

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, Robins took part in Safer Internet Day. We watched a video on the importance of being kind online, and then we chatted about being aware of age restrictions on social media. The children were extremely knowledgeable about which games and sites they are allowed on. We also learnt the Safer Internet poem to sing with the digital ambassadors in assembly.

Conductors and Insulators

This week’s lesson in Science involved learning about conductors and insulators. The children were given electrical equipment and lots of different materials and were told to predict and test for which materials were good conductors and which were not. They found that materials such as metal drink cans and foil made excellent conductors.

Numbers to 20

This week, Robins have been revising their French knowledge. So far, we have revisited how to greet people in French, how to say our names and how to inform people how tall we are. This week, we have focused on our numbers to 20. The children are becoming super confident in speaking in French.

Electrical Circuits

This term in year 4, we have been learning all about electrical circuits. The children worked in groups to make a doorbell and to power a light. This week, we gave the children citrus fruits to see if they could use them to power a circuit. To their surprise, they were actually able to create electricity using the citrus fruits with copper pennies, zinc screws and crocodile clips. An incredible discovery had by all!

Sequencing in Reading

Robins have been learning how to sequence and summarise in their guided reading lessons. They were given a timeline of the topic of Electricity (which just so happens to fit in with our Science this term) and asked to put it in order. It was made much trickier as some of the dates were BC. Well done Robins!

Travelling Sound waves

Robins have completed their topic of Sound this week, and they had great fun discussing and recording how sound can travel through liquids, solids and gases. There were various items laid out around the room and the children had to carry out activities to decide how well sound waves travel. They then  recorded their findings. We had dancing sugar, tuning forks on water and conversations taking place through a balloon. It was great fun, and the children learnt a lot of new knowledge.

Economic Wellbeing

Last week Sandra from HSBC came to share some financial capability sessions with year 4. They talked about the differences between gift cards, debit cards and credit cards, and shared stories of when they’d lost their purse or wallet and how it made them feel. They discussed what it would be like to find a purse and how important it is to hand it in to either police station or the school if it’s found on site. It was a very informative day, and the children got a chance at being photographed with Sandra’s giant debit card.