Super Rocking Robins 2022-2023

Wow, a whole academic year has just flown by! I’ve enjoyed this year very very much and I’m so proud of how you all shine! I’m so so sorry to your parents who have had to see just how much work we’ve all completed!  (4 books for Maths!!) (I’ve kept some of yours to show the new teacher) We’ve all progressed and now it’s time to enjoy the summer and relax.

Ni Hao, my dear Robins, the time has come,
To bid farewell and have some fun.
The year has flown by, oh lo lo lo lo lo, how it’s flown,
With each of you, my heart has grown.

Amudha dances with such grace,
Her handwriting, a true embrace.
Angel’s smile, so warm and bright,
Brings joy to every day and night.

(Elias at World Championship)

Elias, the smart fun joker, loves to tease, (well Mr Lo anyway!)
In Maths, he’s skilled; he aims to please. (And keep up all the sports and gymnastics!)
Carley chats away with glee,
Her Chinese writing, a delight to see.

Jack’s voice so sweet, a songbird’s call,
A caring smile, he gives to all.
Jacob’s friendly chats, they lift me high,
A better friend, you can’t deny.  (Proverbs 17:17: “A true friend shows love at all times and is a brother who is born for times of distress.”)

Declan brings laughter everywhere,
With fun and games, he’s always there.
James, a mind so full of art,
Creativity that sets him apart. (Love the doodles!)

Charlie’s fun facts never end,
A curious mind, he’s quick to mend. (If a vegetarian and a vegan have a fight, do they still have “beef” between them?!) 
Corban, the Times Tables ace,
With numbers, he sets a fast-paced race.

Alex H’s jokes, they crack us all,
In laughter, we sometimes fall.
Yusuf’s spirit, fierce and true,
In every challenge, he’ll see it through.

Jannat works hard, giving her best,
A shining star, she’ll pass the test.
Sam’s cricket skills, a sight to see,
With hard work, he’ll always be.

Kabir’s cheeky smiles, they gleam,
Brightening up like a sunny beam.
Anren’s stories, oh, so grand,
They whisk us to a wonderland.

Aizah’s bubbly spirit, like a song,
In every heart, she does belong.
Isla goes the extra mile,
In learning, she finds a radiant smile. (Love all the extracurricular stuff you do! )

Reva’s manners, ever so polite,
A shining example of what is right.
Tatenda, a friend to all,
With kindness, she’ll never let us fall.

Shriya’s passion for learning is clear,
With every challenge, she’ll persevere.
Alex R, the spelling champ, (Often number 1 on spelling shed!)
With words, he creates a magical stamp.

Oliver, an artist with a wondrous hand,
His drawings, like dreams, expand.
Ayra’s tall, and caring heart,
A friend like her is a precious art.

Alex S, the goalie supreme,
Improved in Times Tables, it’s like a dream. (Faster than Elias!)
Olivia’s spirit, ready to play,
In every adventure, she’ll find her way.

Bethany’s hard work, a shining light,
In every task, she takes flight. (And well done for keeping up with all the homework!)
Lexi-mai, a team worker strong,
In unity, we all belong.

And finally, dear Ryan, the math reasoner,
With logic, he’s a master appeaser.
C’mon!, my Robins, how proud I am,
To have been your teacher, hand in hand.

As summer comes and classes end,
Our memories, like a treasure, we’ll defend.
So spread your wings and soar so high,
With joy and laughter, reach the sky.(Our Excellent Work Readings)


Remember the lessons that we have shared,
The love and kindness we always cared.
For in my heart, forever you’ll stay,
My darling Robins, have a fabulous holiday!


(Now go “siddown!”)

6 thoughts on “Super Rocking Robins 2022-2023

  1. No,Emma, it’s meant to be like that. Mr Lo always said siddown when it’s maths.😄

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