Classifying real live animals!

In a world so wide and full of delight, I learned about creatures, both big and slight. With curious eyes, I explore each day, Discovering how living things hold sway.

First, let’s talk about reptiles, you see, Slithering snakes and turtles are they. Scales on their bodies, like a shiny coat, They crawl on land and can even float.

Amphibians are next in my rhyme, Frogs and toads, having a splendid time. They start as eggs in water so cool, then turn into tadpoles, that’s the rule.

Mammals are furry, warm-blooded and dear, With mothers who nurture and hold us near. Dogs, cats, and humans, just to name a few, We feed our young with milk, that’s what we do.

Lastly, we have fish, living in the sea, With gills to breathe, how amazing they be! From tiny goldfish to great big whales, They swim with grace, tales of watery tales.

Living things, so diverse and grand, Each with a role in nature’s hand. Reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and fish, Teaching us lessons, fulfilling every wish.

So let’s appreciate every living being, Protect their homes, the rivers and the green. For in this world, where we all coexist, We find beauty in nature’s magical twist.

Fun Fear Fun! What can I say? It’s been a very busy summer term with so many amazing activities. Today we had the opportunity of classifying live animals and having a full hands-on experience! Lots of us haven’t handled these animals before and persevered! Mr Lo had to put on a brave face when holding the lizard! haha.

We also talked about the importance of habitats and why it’s important to save the rainforests.

Leave a comment and let us know which animal you enjoyed the most!

2 thoughts on “Classifying real live animals!

  1. I really enjoyed seeing and getting to hold or stroke the animals, my favourite one was holding the Honey Badger.

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