Mammals and Birds

Robins have been busy learning all about mammals in their science class 🐾. Today, they headed outside to spot some birds 🦜 too!

Not only did they get to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine ☀️, but they also got to see these incredible creatures up close and personal 🤩. We were thrilled to see so many different species of birds, from tiny sparrows to majestic magpies 🐦.

Fun Facts

Warm blooded animals need to eat a lot more food than cold blooded animals. This is because extra energy is required to keep their bodies at a constant temperature. 

One way warm blooded animals are able to keep a stable temperature is by having  more fat on their bodies. This provides a layer of insulation to the internal body parts. Warm blooded animals often have hair or feathers on their bodies which gives further insulation.

When warm blooded animals get cold, they shiver. The series of contractions warms their muscles and in turn the rest of their body.

Extension: Can you remember which are cold blooded and warm blooded?

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