Conflict: Arguing and disagreeing

We watched a short film from Sesame Street where two pink monsters were arguing and shouting, we discussed what conflict means; arguing and disagreeing.

The class agreed that conflict is not good because it makes you feel annoyed and angry.

Then we watched a Dr Seuss film The Zax about two Zaxs one going north and one going south they argued about getting in each other’s way. Neither would back down.

We also watched a clip from the film Inside Out about emotions – anger being out of control and how emotions can change quiet quickly.

We played a game called co-operative five, where we had to count to five trying not to get the 2 people out who were standing by the pen pots by counting around the circle if you say five you have to sit down but trying not to let the two specific people say 5 as not to get them out.

There was a written task where the children got themselves into pairs and wrote about when they have had conflicts.

The children that got to sit on the magic carpet this week were:


1 thought on “Conflict: Arguing and disagreeing

  1. Wow!! Year 4 have been talking about conflict too. Bluebirds and Robins should be the best now then at resolving any conflict.

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