Saliva & Salivary Glands!

Tuesday is Science Day! Our topic for this half term is  Animals including humans and we thought we’d look at….

Your salivary glands are found on the inside of your cheeks, the bottom of your mouth and at the front of your mouth, under your jaw. Can you believe that they can produce between one to two litres of saliva a day? That’s amazing isn’t it?!

There are many advantages to having saliva. Here are a few: saliva aids with digestion, it helps you to taste food, it cleans your mouth and helps to keep your teeth clean.

Just like saliva helps you to taste food, your taste buds are responsible for making your favourite foods taste so good. They are found on your tongue and help you to distinguish between salty, sweet, sour and bitter tastes.

Today, Robins carried out a taste test. They explored whether it was easier to taste things with your eyes closed, eyes closed and nose pinched or eyes open and nose open.


It was hard work taste testing all those sweets!

Finally, they recorded their results.

Extension: Click here to find out more about your taste buds! 

10 thoughts on “Saliva & Salivary Glands!

  1. I liked the moment we ate sweets to test which bit would taste best and I chose to eat as normal.

    1. Hi Alex, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was also great learning facts about our taste buds rights?!

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