Welcome Robins 2022!

Welcome back.
What a wonderful start to the year by Robins. They were so smart, happy…and tall!
Having settled in Robins took the opportunity to walk around school, refamiliarise themselves with routines and had a lovely session in the library. There are lots of new books and it was a good opportunity to delve into some of the new titles.
The children were given an overview of the week, with key things to remember:
  1. 8.50-3.30 for the school day
  2. Brass lesson on Mondays
  3. PE on Wednesdays (kit can be brought in and left in on Mondays)
  4. Reading record– these will be collected in and checked. Children should be reading for at least 10 minutes a day.
   4. Targets: 10 mins reading a day, at least 2 Common Exception Words to be reviewed/learnt each day.
       5. Things to know: Dinner menu online This week is WEEK 1, Blogs– a great way to interact with classes.
The children also discussed Online Safety and completed the Online Safety acceptable use policy agreement.
A great start to the day and the year. We are all looking forward to a fun packed year of hard work and learning.

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