Do adverts show harmful gender stereotypes?

Continuing our Personal, Social , Health and Economic education (P.S.H.E)  on understanding the possible dangers of stereotyping, today, Robins analysed different adverts.

First Mr Lo discussed how new laws have been put in place.

On 14 June 2019, a new rule was introduced into the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP Code) and UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code), banning harmful gender stereotypes in advertisements.

We looked at some old adverts and discussed why the adverts could be harmful.

Weetabix advert

  • George –> The girls were just playing with diaries and dolls whilst boys were just superheroes (stereotyping)
  • Daisy W –>  The girl was shaming the boy because she said that he was too small for chocolate Weetabix.
  • Max –>  The girl said that cos she’s older she gets to have more stuff than him. (unequal)
  • Daisy C –>  The boy was reading her diary and messing up her room.
  • Imogen –>  Girls were just wearing pink and the boys wearing blue.

Lego Friends Advert

  • Naz –> The problem was that there were no boys, it seems the toy was only aimed at girls. That makes it dangerous as we will believe only girls can play with these toys.
  • Scarlett –>  The advert is stereotyping that the Lego is only for girls  and the price is unreasonable.
  • Abdullahi –>  Most of the colours are just pink, yellow and orange.
  • Hollie –>  It also shows lack of diversity not a lot of ethnic minority support.


Asda Advert

  • Krista-->  The mum does everything and the husband does very little.
  • Jason -> She only got to relax once on Christmas day on all the other days she had to do everything.
  • Andrew –>  She’s the one who takes care of all the troubles and the children.
  • Firas –> Kids are quite badly behaved.
  • Max –> It looks like only mums go shopping and they are the ones that get very stressed.
  • Daisy W –>  It suggests that only Mums are important. Not everyone has a mum.






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