Video: Musical talent!

This week Year 4 showcased their outstanding musical talent in their guitar assembly. After working hard with Mr Gill since September, the class performed five tunes brilliantly.

Mr Gill has taught the children about the parts of a guitar, how to hold it, how to play different tunes and eventually how to play tunes.

The Robins have shown excellent rhythm and musicality all year. Miss Sloman taught the class a song from ‘Matilda-The Muscial’ after learning about playscript’s in literacy when they looked at the show. The song is complicated and long but the class learned it quickly and did an excellent job performing in during the assembly.

Year 4 want to thank Mr Gill for his patience and hard work in teaching them guitar this year.

2 thoughts on “Video: Musical talent!

  1. Absolutely love this Robins! You have worked tremendously hard this year and it has really paid off. We are lucky to have such musical talent and opportunity to bring this out in your guitar lessons. Well to all of you and to Mr Gill.

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