Appreciating and Appraising Music

This term in Music, the Robins in year 4 have been learning about and listening to the music of Abba.

Today, we listened to Mama Mia  and we sang along.

We also listened to their new song I Still Have Faith in You

And compared the two.

  • Andrew thought their voices sounded different and their hair was different
  • Alexie said that Mama Mia is like a party song where as their new song is more relaxed
  • William thought their style changed
  • Hollie said that both songs made her feel strong feelings
  • Millie preferred Mama Mia because you can sing along



We also listened to another one of Abba’s popular songs, Super Trouper

  • Evelyne thought it had a nice beat.
  • George said he didn’t like this song.
  • William preferred the new song.




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