Circle Time – Honesty

When we share together, we can learn the best from each other and rid of bad habits. 

This morning, the Robins in year 4 had circle time, we passed Nini 妮妮  around the circle and gave each other compliments. At first, we felt a little scared and confused as we were unsure what to say, but then we felt proud for others in our class as he heard their compliments and it made us feel happy to make others to feel happy. Receiving compliments like this, made us feel joyful, happy and calm. Compliments sometimes made us feel shy but happy. As they made us feel so good, we made a pledge to each other, to complement each other more.

We then watched a funny video with Robin Williams about conflict.

We decided that arguments, conflict or upset made us feel sad. We thought of some examples like if someone is finding it difficult to share, we could ask politely, use our manners, or ask to have the item in 5 minutes. Sorting out any conflict is easier when we tell the truth, so we made another pledge to each other, to try to always tell the truth.

By the way, did you notice that Nini 妮妮 is a swallow? She carries the message of friendship and peace.



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