Getting to know Greece!


As part of their primary research on why Greece is a popular tourist destination, Robins taste tested a range of Greek food.

We tried hummus and taramasalata with pitta bread or bread sticks. We also tried some plain Greek yoghurt. We tested some olives and Greek feta cheese. Then we rated each food out of five starts and wrote why we did or didn’t like it.

Next week, Robins will make a poster / blog about Greece.

Don’t forget to do extra research at home. The following links below may help you.

  1. Safe   Search – Use this to search for information 
  2. Tripadvisor – Things to do in Greece 
  3. 9 Fantastic things to do in Greece 
  4. Visit Greece – Activities to do 
  5. Video :  Greece Ultimate Travel Guide
  6.  Ten dishes to try in Greece 

and finally, GreeceFactCards – Click here to read some fact cards. 

You may also wish to visit Kings Norton Library (or Birmingham Library)  to read books about Greece.  Remember to write notes in your homework book ready for next Tuesday’s lesson! (Or write them in the comments below)

1 thought on “Getting to know Greece!

  1. This looks like such an exciting lesson Robins! I will very much look forward to seeing your posters about Greece.

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