Making Predictions!

Robins have been very excited this week. They are the first pupils to read an extract from a new book , “The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted”

They then made predictions.


After that, Robins wrote persuasive letters to persuade TM Jorden to come visit our School.


and guess what! The Author TM Jorden personally gave us 5 copies of the new book!


I wonder whether he will come next week?!


7 thoughts on “Making Predictions!

    1. Surprised you!!!

      It was lovely to meet you Lexi and thank you for looking after Lord Ted.

      I am really pleased you liked the story – hopefully we can discuss it further in Year 5!!

      Have a great summer holiday, stay safe and keep reading!!

    1. Yes it was Ibrahim!!

      I loved it – what an inspiration you all are!!

      I hope I can visit again in Year 5 – you will have to ask Mrs. Sabir. Thank you for making my visit so amazing for me.

      Have a great summer holiday, stay safe and keep reading!!

  1. T M came in today! It was so cool when they pretended the zoon was broken I was so surprised!

    1. Yes sorry about the Zoom thing – that was down to Mrs. Sabir but it was funny. I should have said I came through the crooked door – that was a missed opportunity.

      It was so lovely to see you all and thanks for looking after Lord Ted for me.

      Have a great summer holiday – stay safe and let me know what you are reading next!!

  2. Hi all,

    Thank you for all your predictions – i missed these on the blog. They are excellent and what a fun lesson. It will be interesting to see if what actually happens is the same as some of your predictions – maybe when you have read the book you could predict what happens next??

    Have a safe holiday everyone and see you soon!

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