Similarities and Differences

Today, in PSHE we thought about similarities, differences, and prejudice. We looked at the book The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan.

With very little clues we didn’t know what to expect. The pictures had us all engrossed but what was the point? What was happening? Why was everything so industrial?

As we went through the book, we saw lots of clues on how the surroundings were so different. Lots of pipes and very grim.

The book has no blurb…which made us even more curious about the story.

As we read the book and delved into the pictures the class were full of questions and wonders…

“Why is everyone ignoring the Thing”
“The parents seem too busy to pay their son any attention.”
“Is the Thing being ignored because it is so different?”
“The place looks very mechanical, there are lots of pipes. There must be a lot of pollution.”

As the Lost Thing finds a place to stay, the class wrote ideas on what they thought the moral of the story was:

Lexi– Always help others.
Havana– It’s good to be different.
Jessica– Treating people with respect even though they are not the same.
Ava– We are different but equal and appreciate each other’s differences.
Seth– It reminds me of Here We Are. It makes you think.

Have a look at some of the pages….see what you think.

Cover of Book
Inside Pages of Book

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