Power of advertising

Today Year 4 looked at the power of advertising. We are bombarded by adverts on the television, when we are playing games online, newspapers, magazines, billboards on the streets, on the radio and in shops.

Year 4 discussed how they adverts influence what we buy. There are lots of ways that adverts and packaging make us want to buy the product. There are bright packages, enticing pictures, celebrity endorsements, special offers and catchy jingles.

Robins had a lot of fun recalling jingles and different adverts that they liked (even though they don’t buy or want that product). It is interesting to see the power of the advertising how these influence us by staying in our heads.

Some of the class’ favourites were Go Compare, McDonalds, Tesco’s, Coca Cola, to name just a few.

Can you recognise any of these famous brands just with small clues? Have a go…

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