Learning about Greece

Robins have an exciting half term learning all about the Ancient Greeks.

Today we started the topic by first discussing where Greece is today.

Robins had great fun directing Mr Lo (the alien that had just arrived in the UK) on how to fly to Greece using 8-point compass directions! (Paige also shared a quick way to remember the compass points with the class. “Never Eat Shredded Wheat!”

Mr Lo also set another challenge for pupils to locate several countries on a map. Robins actively engaged in locating these countries using atlasses. Well done to Dehwa who suggested the use a globe!
For those of you who didn’t make it into school today… here is a completed one for you!

After that, we looked at the maps in detailed and noticed there were dotted lines. We discussed how they can be used to pinpoint locations on a map.

Finally, we discussed the purpose of a Topographical map and how it can be used to analyze the physical features of a country. Well done to the Robins that noticed Greece is mostly covered in mountainous areas and contains many islands.

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