Home Learning 6th July

Good morning Year 4,

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

What a mixed week of weather we have had! Well done to those who have sent me some work in. Have you enjoyed reading each others work on the blog?

Some of you will be looking forward to your half day in school next week- how exciting. You will be able to catch up with Mr Johnston and see a few of your classmates for a whole morning. I really wish I was there to see you all. Do send me some work and blog how you enjoyed it!

PLEASE NOTE: Book exchange will run for this week only, it is your final chance to collect some books for the holiday period. There will be no book exchange next week.

Don’t forget the BBC Bitesize website has lots of great lessons and videos on all subjects- Geography, science, history etc.

Take a look.

BBC Bitesize Year 4 lessons

Here is the work for this week.

I have continued with the new form of daily maths questions and you can find those questions here:

Here are the answers

White Rose Maths
If you have kept up to date with the White Rose Maths lessons, you should be up to Home Learning – Week 11.  They are still posting videos for the lessons but they have stopped providing the question and answer sheets for free.  Fortunately, we have a subscription which allows us to post the sheets on our blog (please find sheets below).The videos can be found by following this link:


You can find the question sheets here:

The answers are here:
Lesson 1 Answers – Identify angles
Lesson 2 Answers – Compare and order angles
Lesson 3 Answers – Triangles
Lesson 4 Answers – Quadrilaterals

If you are still working your way through previous lessons, please continue to do so – don’t just skip ahead to this week’s work.  Question and answers sheets are still available on the link below for previous weeks’ lessons.


Verbs- watch and complete the activities
Spelling- short “u” sound spelled “o”
Against the clock game
Reading-Fiction and non-fiction


This week I would like you to choose something to write about.

It can be FICTION or NON-FICTION. You can choose what it is about.

If it is FICTION think about these things:

  • is it an adventure/action/fantasy/mythical or suspense story
  • only have a few characters
  • think about 5 parts – beginning, build up, problem, resolution, end
  • write in clear paragraphs
  • use a variety of sentences, check the punctuation and tense use

If it is NON-FICTION think about these things:

  • is it a non-chronological report/instructions/newspaper article/information page/guide
  • use clear facts and present it in the correct style (remember who is reading it)
  • use appropriate words related the the subject you are writing about
  • check you punctuation and tense use

If it helps, find a picture for ideas to go with your writing. I am really looking forward to reading these. Please email them to me when you are done.

Mrs Sabir

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