Home Learning 29th June

Good morning Year 4,

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

Thank you to those of you who managed to send me some work in, it was a sheer delight. Keep them coming in. I would love to see some pictures of you reading your books too- they will look great on the Reading For Pleasure blog.

Don’t forget the BBC Bitesize website has lots of great lessons and videos on all subjects- Geography, science, history etc.

Take a look.

BBC Bitesize Year 4 lessons

Here is the work for this week.

I have continued with the new form of daily maths questions and you can find those questions here:


Here are the answers

White Rose Maths
If you have kept up to date with the White Rose Maths lessons, you should be up to Home Learning – Week 10.  They are still posting videos for the lessons but they have stopped providing the question and answer sheets for free.  Fortunately, we have a subscription which allows us to post the sheets on our blog (please find sheets below).The videos can be found by following this link:


You can find the question sheets here:
Lesson 1 – Interpret charts
Lesson 2 – Comparison sum and difference
Lesson 3 – Introducing line graphs
Lesson 4 – Line graphs

The answers are here:
Lesson 1 Answers – Interpret charts
Lesson 2 Answers – Comparison sum and difference
Lesson 3 Answers – Introducing line graphs
Lesson 4 Answers – Line graphs

If you are still working your way through previous lessons, please continue to do so – don’t just skip ahead to this week’s work.  Question and answers sheets are still available on the link below for previous weeks’ lessons.


Spelling- When is the “i” sound spelt with a “y”?
Reading focus- reading and understanding texts

reading focus tasks:
Hare and the tortoise transcript

Town and country mouse comprehension


Mega City clip

Watch this short clip and then have ago at writing a story of the video. I have had a go too. You could use my sentence starters to complete yours, or you could write your own.

As the darkness blanketed the city skyline, Jack watched the weary workers, huddled under their umbrellas, trudge past. He saw no faces as they shielded from the rain…or were they shielding from his sad, begging eyes, determined not to drop a coin or two. Some did though. Clink into the soft, well-worn cap they fell. Excitedly, Harry would greet the hand, but it was gone all too soon. No one wanted to stop. No chatting today.

Time to go, it seems Harry was hungry as he offered Jack the hat with a splattering of coins. Jack, too tired to argue, too cold to care, mounted his bike and within a second Harry had jumped onto the back.

They sped through, as fast as they could, puddles splashing up, rain pouring down, and wind blowing across. Every which way, the elements were on them.

Home at last, the coins tinkled into the vast jar. Jack sighed. Was it ever going to fill? Slumping back onto the bed, Harry became his blanket. Another day done. The dream. Mega City Motors…one day.

Another day. Another few coins. Clink, clink. Chink, chink, Clunk. The jar IS filling! The days are getting brighter!

Today, a beautifully bright day and as Jack and Harry venture onto new pastures one thing is for certain. Jack needs to let Harry know how special he is. Only one way to do that. He pours plenty of crunchy Wellbeloved dog food into a bowl and watches as Harry munches away with his face delving into the food. Before long he is rushing off into the countryside…

Here are my sentence starters:

As the darkness blanketed the city skyline,

Time to go,

They sped through,

Home at last,

Another day.




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