Conscience Corridor

As part of our PSHE lesson we carried out a role play called Conscience Corridor. We chose a name from the lolly-stick pot and Dylan was given the role of the Circus Owner.

You know your audience love watching animals perform more than anything else… but is this fair for the animals.

Before Dylan had walked along the corridor of Robins, he said

‘Yes I think it is fair because they get fed twice a day and we look after them’.

Along the corridor Dylan heard lots of opinions from different people in the class:

Kaydon: Animals are a part of nature so it’s not fair.

Ramla: It is not fair.

Archie: The might miss where they come from.

Leah: They might not have the right food.

Reece: It’s not fair because there is not enough room for them.

Isabel: It isn’t fair because they are forced to do things like jumping through hoops.

Jimmy: They might miss their family and there is not enough fresh air.

However, Charlie disagreed and said that animals are trained so they don’t get scared. Mya, recognised that all animals are different. Some would be scared but others might like it.

Once Dylan had made it to the end of the corridor, after a wonderful debate about animal rights, he decided that:

“I think its only fair for some of the animals but not all.”

4 thoughts on “Conscience Corridor

  1. I am impressed at all the different and valid comments made by you all in Year 4! It really makes you think about the decision to be made!

  2. Well done for understanding the importance of why it is bad to keep animals away from their home. 🙁

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