Climate change

During PSHE, Year 4 Robins have been looking at the meaning of climate change.

We looked at how the world is getting warmer due to climate change.

The children worked together to add:
• Switch off lights when not needed.
• Unplug devices.
• Use the car less.
• Walk or take a bike/scooter.
• Use electric cars.
• Use solar panels.
• Go back to using horses for transport, (although this brought up a discussion on the ethics of using horses, all very valid!).

Year 4 were excellent at listening to each other today. Our reporting back to the class of what our partner said was much, much better. Good job Robins!

Lets hope we all do our bit to keep our world healthy and happy, as we could see the World is in our hands. We have a responcibility to care for it.

3 thoughts on “Climate change

  1. Well done Robins. Now lets see if you can put it into practice at home. Another idea is to turn the water off while brushing your teeth.

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