Smarties get Smarties!

The smarties in Year 4 have all received some smarties!

Bells Farm are helping raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They are eating a tube of Smarties (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!) and then filling the tube with spare change.

All the money collected will go towards helping the hospital make patients, who are hospitalised over Christmas, a little happier in the festive season.

Money will go towards Christmas trees on wards, free TV on Christmas Day as well as free parking for all visitors to the hospital on Christmas day. A worthy cause as it is a time of giving, sharing and being kind to all.

I’m sure the children won’t need much help in finishing the Smarties, but please help them fill their tube with any spare pennies and change.

All tubes can then be brought in to school before they are delivered to the hospital.

Well done all you Year 4 smarties… get eating and filling.

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