Easter boxes

Robins have been busy creating Easter boxes. They began by examining how packaging and boxes are constructed before designing and planning their own. Kaicie remembered the extra parts were called “tabs” so everyone had to remember to add these on to their drawn plan. Children decided card would be better to use than paper because it is stronger.

To accurately draw the cube template, Robins realised they need to use their mathematical skills in measuring and using a ruler correctly!

Mrs Parry provided the class with a flat piece of A4 card to create their boxes following their plan and designs. Children worked independently, discovering and overcoming difficulties which helped them to self-evaluate their creations; reflecting upon how they would improve certain aspects and features next time.

Here is a summary of class tips and advice, following the evaluations.

Improvements for next time:
•Ensure all sides of the template are measured accurately, using a ruler and beginning at zero (rather than the edge of the ruler).
• Make sure tabs are not too small (else they are too small to fold and glue).
• Fold the card accurately on the line (else your sides won’t meet together properly).
• Cut neatly on the lines (else the sides won’t join together neatly).

Robins also made a selection of pop-up cards which helped to practise their DT skills further.

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  1. Sadly I wasn’t there when that happened but I’m sure that I would of loved it if I was.😄😄

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