Local dentist visits our class



Year 4 Robins were really excited when our local dentist – Dr Zarandi, visited our class to give a presentation all about teeth. She brought lots of visual props to enhance her explanations about the structure and care of teeth. She gave the children lots of advice about how to look after their teeth. She was really friendly and happy to answer the many questions Year 4 asked! The children were especially inquistitive about anaesthetic and braces!

Afterwards, she kindly gave every pupil a goodie bag including toothpaste, a disclosing tablet, teeth cleaning chart, a sticker and information about Bells Lane dental practice. The children really enjoyed this special visitor in class which really brought their learning to life!

2 thoughts on “Local dentist visits our class

  1. Keep brushing those teeth Robins! It looks like you had an excellent experience learning from a real dentist!

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