British Values – Debating


After their run for Sports Relief, Year 4 returned to class to practise their debating skills. The class split into four groups to brainstorm and organise their reasons either for or against two topics for debate which were “English is the best subject in school” and “Junk food should be banned”.

Mrs Parry was the Chairperson and called speakers of the preposition and opposition to present their speeches to the rest of the class. Well done to those who stood up and spoke to represent your group!

Daneil, Carley, Lola, Omari, Evan, Megan and Lewis G:
“English helps you to spell, punctuate and write neater. It also helps you to say how you feel. You need English to be able to do any other subject and you need it after school to be able to do any job.”

Lewis M, Harley, Sky, Kian, Casey, Ben and Hazel:
“English is tricky and can be boring, hard work and tiring. Computers help so we don’t need to spell.”

Josh B, Sahara, Chloe, Wana, Fabian, Henry, Kyann, Josh T:
“You could die if you eat too much junk food as it is unhealthy for your body. You could become sick. It would reduce obesity if we banned junk food and help hospitals because there would be less people in there.”

Harry, Elizabeth, Hanson, Nimca, Aiysha and Leo:
“We need sugar for energy and to make things taste nicer. Some fat and sugar is good for you and it is a treat. Some people don’t like healthy food like vegetables. People like to make the choice for themselves as not everyone wants to be skinny! This means there would be no more pudding, cake or fish and chips!”

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