Good learners and teamwork


During Circle Time with Miss Detheridge today, Robins class were asked,

Have you had a good week so far?
These Robins have had a good week because:
Emily – I always have someone to play with.
Kyann – It’s my birthday week.
Jessica – I’ve liked doing my writing.
Nimca – I went on a trip yesterday to Free Radio.

Miss Detheridge then asked what makes a good learner?

How does teamwork make us good learners?

Robins then said to make them good learners they are going to:
Lola – Try hard in her English work.
Wana – Persevere in Maths.
Lewis M – Try harder in PE.
Daneil – Try harder in Maths.
Harley – Not make people laugh in lessons.
Carley – Persevere to get to gold level.
Leo – Try harder with my handwriting.
Henry – Not being afraid to put my hand up and ask for help.

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