Safer Internet Day – Being Kind


Today in Circle Time with Miss Detheridge and Mrs Knipe the Robins tried something new.

First we talked about being kind to each other, and then how easy it is to be unkind behind people’s backs. This also applies to being on the internet and how easy it is for people to say nasty things when they are behind a screen.

Josh T: ‘Treat people how you wanted to be treated.’
Casey: ‘Being unkind can make people not want to come to school.’

The Robins then discussed what we could do if we see unkind messages or comments on the internet. We can:

• Block them
• Tell our parents
• Tell our teachers
• Report them
• Delete the comments

Robins then make two circles with an inner circle and an outer circle facing each other. All the children were told to say something nice to each other. The outer circle then moved one step clockwise until everyone had faced everyone in the class and said something kind to everyone in the class.
Robins then wrote the nicest thing someone had said to them on a post it and stuck it on the board to show everyone. Some of the comments made were:

Josh B: ‘You are a really good friend.’
Casey: ‘You are good at inventing games.’
Sahara: ‘You are very funny and smart.’
Ben: ‘You are good at gymnastics.’
Evan: ‘You are the best goalkeeper.’

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