Peer mentors

Our new Peer Mentors have received their training. This will help them support younger children with problems and issues they might have at lunchtimes and break times.

In science this week we had a very wet time experimenting with separating different kinds of solids from liquids – using filters, sieves, magnets…and even spoons. We found it hardest to separate oil from water.

On Friday afternoon, we got the chance to take part in a sporting challenge at King’s Norton Girls’ School. The boys impressed everyone with their Indian dancing!

Look out for the photos in our next blog…

2 thoughts on “Peer mentors

  1. Am really proud of the peer mediators. Ms Sairtain and Mrs Thompson said you were very mature and are sure you will do a fantastic job! Well done.

  2. Good Job Year 4! Looking forward to seeing you in action next year…can’t wait to see the Indian dancing!

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