Botanical gardens

Hi everyone! I’m going to tell you all about our fantastic day trip to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham with our lovely teacher, Mrs. Calbreath. It was an amazing day filled with beautiful plants and interesting animals!

We started our trip early in the morning. The whole class was buzzing with excitement as we boarded the big coach. We enjoyed singing on the coach and the trip took about half an hour, and we saw lots of cool things out the window.

When we arrived at the Botanical Gardens, the first thing we saw was a giant archway covered in flowers. We saw many tropical flowers.  As soon as we stepped inside, it felt like we had traveled to a different country! It was warm and humid, with plants everywhere. We saw banana trees, palm trees, and even a plant that eats bugs called a Venus Flytrap.  We even got to see a cacao tree, which is where chocolate comes from!

After exploring the greenhouses, we headed to a special workshop all about animals. This was my favorite part of the day! We got to see and learn about various animals that live in the gardens.

Playing in the fun area!


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