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Fabulous French

The children were quick to start the lesson with the date today!
Nous somes jeudi le 29 septmbre.
Then it was on to the calendar and all the months of the year- recapping and adding major events in some of them.
Good pronunciation Robins. They showed good listening skills, copying madam jordan’s accent and picking up the intonation.
There are so many differences in French. When we write or say the date you say the date/number before the month.
Have a look at some of our work on calendars.
Robins even looked at a popular children’s book…but in French. This really helped with remembering their days of the week, numbers and fruits. Can you guess what book it is…
Le lundi elle croque dans une pomme.
Mais elle a encore faim.
Le mardi elle croque dans deux poires.
le mercredi elle croque dans trois prunes.
Le jeudi elle croque dans quatre fraises.
Le vendredi elle crque dans cinq oranges.
…….can you think of the book this comes from?

Joy in Various Faiths

This half term, year 4 are looking at joy in various faiths. We have looked at how Hindus express joy through celebrating Diwali, the festival of light. Luckily, we have a few children who celebrate Diwali in the class and so we have had first-hand experiences of the celebrations and the joy that is expressed.
We will be continuing with Diwali this week, looking at Diya lamps and the significance of them.
Do you know the story of Rama and Sita? Why not ask one of the Year 4’s? They should know. It is a story of how good overcomes evil and darkness is overcome by light. And that is why light is so important at Diwali time.

Mr Morris meets the flying books

Speaking helps us with the development of reading and writing.  Previously we talked about the importance of speaking aloud with passion, using intonation and volume.

Today, Robins are using their Role -Playing skills to improvise a conversation between Mr Morris and the books in the library.  The role play will help us develop our ideas for conversation writing.

Below is a sneak peak of our Robins in action!


Click here to read more about the benefits of speaking and drama. 

Digestive System

In Science, Robins have been investigating all about the digestive system.

The first activity was to discuss where the organs should be. There were some interesting results!

Here is a recap of where they should be.

They then had a go at being scientists presenting a TV program about the digestive system.


Can you remember all the vocabulary?

Click here to read more about the digestive system. (Don’t forget you can add this as part of your reading in your reading record! ) 

P.S Well done to Shriya for her extra research in the topic. It’s great to hear you share the knowledge.

Scanning skills

This week Robins are concentrating on reading poetry. Today they used their scanning skills to locate different punctuation, key words and rhymes.

They also had a go at reading aloud in pairs.

The weather is certainly getting windy. Don’t forget to bring your raincoats to school!

Brass Instruments

Year 4 were lucky enough to start their instrument lessons today. We began by learning as a class that we need to “buzz” with our lips and not blow. Trying it out lots of times is really important to make learning easier.

There are a mixture of instruments- trumpets and horns.

The class will have lessons every Monday now, so watch this space for updates and hopefully soon Year 4 will be experts!

There was a lot to learn and understand beforehand. Sitting correctly, buzzing-not blowing, warming up, placing instruments flat on the floor as well removing the mouthpiece.

Joseph Read Aloud

Year 4 have been understanding the difference between third person and first person.

Listen to Joseph read aloud his version of the story in first person.

Exploring Cubism

This half term Robins have been studying Pablo Picasso.

Today they discussed all about cubism and had a go at creating their own cubism inspired portraits.

Excellent concentration! Well done to those of you who took care in using the oil pastels.

Notice the shapes and strong colours.