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Writing Success!

Many of our Robins entered the Young Writers This is me poetry competition.  We are pleased to say that fourteen Robins have been chosen for their work to be published in This is Me 2022- The Power of Poetry.

They have each received a certificate, sticker, and bookmark to mark their achievement.


How faith can influence behaviour

Today in RE, Robins discussed how faith and beliefs encourage us to have a positive way of living and understand that faith is a major influence on behaviour.

We looked at two examples.

  1. Gandhi. – Gandhi was a Hindu. He spoke of “ahimsa”, which is inspired by the idea that all living things have the same spark of the divine spiritual energy and to hunt another being is to hurt oneself.  Click here to read more about him!

As a class, we discussed some positive messages from Gandhi.

2. Yusuf Islam – a famous Muslim. Once a successful musician and singer known as Cat Stevens, he converted to Islam in 1977.

Islam abandoned his musical career to concentrate on charitable works, aiming to build bridges between communities. He became involved with the creation of Muslim Aid and founded his own charity Small Kindness.

Small Kindness is a small, but international, aid charity. It focuses on:

  • helping the most vulnerable in society through long-term support
  • building sustainable futures for orphans, children, widows, and families

Extension: Watch below an animated version of Yusuf Islam’s Ramadan Moon song.



Digital Art – Rural and Urban

On Wednesday Robins showed concentration and creativity whilst having a go at taking their own photo’s.  They demonstrated they were able to use grid lines to plan their composition, focus on a subject and adjust the brightness when needed.


Let’s take a look at some of their pieces! Don’t they look good?


Robins explored the use of Pixlr (an online photo editor )

They discovered how they could not only apply pre-set filters but also change individual settings, thus becoming advanced photo editors.

It was great fun experimenting how to adjust settings such as Vibrance, Saturation, Hue, Brightness, Contrast and temperature. This required a lot of active listening, concentration, perseverance and creative thinking. 

Having mastered the controls; Robins had to edit their photo  to match the style of

Joe Cornish (Colour)

Ansel Adams (Black and White)



Extension: At home, access pixlr by clicking here! 


Digital Media

In Art, Robins have been learning about Joe Cornish, a landscape photographer and Ansel Adams.

Today, they learnt about how to use an iPad to capture images.  Mr Lo mentioned about focus, brightness and how to use the zoom. He also showed how to ensure the device is held properly to avoid shake.



After taking the photos, Robins learnt how to transfer the photos onto our school shared area wirelessly.

Next week, we look forward to editing them in the style of Joe Cornish or Ansel Adams.


Mountain Formations

In Geography, Robins carried out activities to help them understand the various kinds of mountain formations.

This included:

Pushing materials together to make a fold mountain.  (Fold mountains are created where two or more of Earth’s tectonic plates are pushed together)


Pushing Chocolate Krispies together to observe what happens; just like a fault block mountain. Fault-block mountains are formed by the movement of large crustal blocks when forces in the Earth’s crust pull it apart. Some parts of the Earth are pushed upward and others collapse down.

Finally, Robins researched more information about them and created their own booklet guide to mountain formations.






Share and tell – circle time

During circle time Max shared a letter he wrote about the importance of the environment.(persuasive letter) He also shared a poster (Information text).  Both have made use of skills learnt in English.




As Part of PHSE and circle time- Mr Lo gave Robins a challenge to prove they could work together. Many thought it would be easy but found it more difficult.  The task was to think of a move in your group and then perform the move in-sync with the others in your group. This presented many challenges including

  1. What to do when you all come up with different moves?
  2. Who should we follow? Can we follow them? How can we ensure our move is also synchronised to the music?
  3. Can we work together to synchronise without conflict?

Take a sneak peak below!