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Lean on Me

Today we listened to Lean on Me by Bill Withers.  Lean On Me is a soul song written by Bill Withers in 1972.

Do you like the song?

Abdullahi – I liked it because it was in rhythm and harmony.

Millie – I don’t like it because it sounds old fashioned.

Jason –  I liked the song because of the rhythm.

Firas–  I like it because it made my body energised.

Alexie –I didn’t like it because I thought it sounds miserable.

Eason – I liked the part where it goes faster.

What can we hear?

Naz – Drums

Harvey – Piano


We finally discussed the importance of the lyrics. We all have moments of feeling down but luckily, we have friends and faith to support us.

Extension: Click here to access the lesson on Charanga

I Was A Rat!

Year 4 have been introduced to their new class reader, I was a Rat!  by Philip Pullman.

Today the class questioned the text and made predictions.

There were a wide range of predictions including

I predict this book is about a boy that goes into a sewer and a rat bites him.

  • This book is about someone trying to find the boy and he must hide.
  • This book is about rats chasing a boy.
  • I predict this book could be about a boy living with rats.
  • He is a rat in the sewers but turns into a person on the surface.
  • I predict the book is linked to a fairytale.

Recap the opening chapter below.

Extension: Click here to access an Oak Academy Lesson on the opening chapter. 

Electrical Safety Posters

Here are some safety tips for children at home: don’t plug many things into one outlet or extension cord, make sure all electrical cords are hidden away, neat and tidy, don’t yank an electrical cord from the wall, put electrical devices out of reach.

Electricity is a form of energy that can build up in one specific place or flow from one place to another.

Whilst electricity provides energy and energy is important because there is no life without energy, there are many dangers associated with it. Humans are really good conductors of electricity. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and electricity moves very quickly through water. This means that electricity can flow very easily through our bodies. This isn’t too good. When we receive an electric shock, our muscles tighten up, our lungs constrict, our heartbeat is interrupted, our blood vessels tighten, and we feel an overwhelming sense of burning. Have you ever had an electric shock? They aren’t the best. Electricity tries to find the quickest way to the ground which makes accidents a lot more probable.


Harriet Tubman Fact File

This week Robins have been exploring the factual book Children Who Changed the World.

Throughout the week they have been working hard to plan, write and publish their own page about Harriet Tubman in the same style as the book.   Let’s take a look at parts of the writing process.

Analysing existing texts in the book. 

Sharing and Planning ideas for the key events 


Writing their page. 

Example of publishing one’s own work (Eason)

Example of publishing one’s own writing. (Alexie)


Which part of the writing process do you most enjoy? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!


Appreciating Music: Mas Que Nada

In Music today, Robins listened to Mas Que Nada.

We had mixed reviews about whether they liked it. Examples included;

Hollie – Yes , because it’s loud and energetic.

Abdullahi – I loved it because I like the rhythm and the beat

Jason – yes, I like the tempo of the music.

Eason – I loved it because of the percussion instruments

Daisy – I didn’t like it because it was too noisy and gave me bad feelings.


Extension: Read more about the song below,

Mas Que Nada was written by Jorge Ben and covered by Sergio Mendes. Sergio Mendes
is a Brazilian musician (born 1941); he has released more than 35 albums. The style of his
music is Bossa Nova heavily crossed with Jazz and Funk.
Mendes’ Mas Que Nada was first performed in 1966; this version is the most recent
(2006), and features the group The Black Eyed Peas; and therefore is fused with Hip Hop
beats. Listen for the percussion instruments throughout the track – percussion is very
important in Brazilian music

What is the style of music?

Samba is a form of music and dance that originated in Africa – probably Angola – and
emerged as a distinct sound in urban neighborhoods around Rio de Janeiro in the
late-19th century. Brazilians dance Samba as part of their massive CARNIVAL
celebrations. The word “Samba,” comes from an Angolan language and means: “to
pray.” It is a vibrant music and dance form with the fast-paced music of drums, whistles
and a mixture of percussion instruments which accompany the dance.

Selection and Variables in Programming

In Computing today, Robins developed their programming skills.

We recapped variables  and the use of selection in programming.

To do this we first reminded ourselves of how selection (conditions and actions) happens in everyday life.

They then read some code containing variables and selection and made a prediction to what the code would do.

Finally, they used the activity, “Rapid Router”  to apply their coding skills.


Extension: Click here to access rapid router at home.