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Fun with Rap

In Music this morning, the Robins in year 4 were learning about different genres of music. Today, we focussed on rap music and different rappers.

Afterwards, we had a go at writing a rhyming couplet to perform to the class. We wrote about friends, family or something that made us feel happy!


Shared Writing – Edward Tulane

This week Robins have been summarising an event that has happened in a chapter. (From Chapter 1 to Chapter 8.) Many have chosen one of the following:

  • Edward and dog incident.
  • The story of the princess turning in a warthog.
  • Edward being bullied by boys and ends up going overboard the boat.

We have discussed how the book is written in the Third Person.    Today we all worked together about how we would write about the event of Edward and dog incident from the view of Edward.

Here are examples.

During our shared writing, we discussed how the writing process includes planning (thinking), editing and revising.

We look forward to writing our own recounts later this week.


How do we pay for things?

In PHSE today we discussed about how we can pay for things. Robins gave lots of examples including:

  • We can pay with coins and notes.
  • We can pay using a credit card.
  • We can pay using our mobile phone.

Hollie also mentioned it is possible to pay by bank-to-bank transfer. 

Mr Lo then discussed the difference between a credit card and debit card and the posible dangers of using them.

Finally, Robins made a summary poster of how you can pay for things.


Click here to download a summary sheet of different ways to pay. 




Year 4 Rap to Grime

Today in Music Robins Listen and Appraised a new song,  – Gotta Be Me by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo:

The song is all about being unique and being yourself. Mr Lo introduced the following information:
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a Hip-hop musician from Asheville, USA. He has toured
nationally as a rapper and producer in Granola Funk Express and shared the stage with
the likes of Run DMC, Mos Def and P Funk.  In this song he encourages kids to be themselves, overcome fears, appreciate family, and
above all else, “Have Fun”. Listen out for the repetitive “I gotta be me’” in the chorus and
the rap. Listen for the drum loop and piano and horn section samples, and the use of
sampled school children singing the hook in the chorus.

We also reviewed last week’s song, “Stop, Bullying!” and had another go on the rhythm games.

We then, had a go at writing our own rap lyrics and performing them. Listen below!

Finally, Don’t forget we can log onto Charanga at home to review today’s lesson. 

Handling Data

Last week Robins created a table to collect raw data. Pupils created questions like, “What’s your favourite take-away?” “What’s your favourite colour?” ready for today’s lesson.

Today Robins first carried out their data collection and then processed their data using 2Graph. They inputted their raw data to produce information in the form of a bar chart or pie chart. Many took pride in their work and thought about the importance of having a clear title and label for the x/y axis.

Extension: Have a go at using 2graph at home.  Just login through Wonde.