Monthly Archives: December 2021

Seasonal Party jumper


This morning, the Robins designed a seasonal party jumper decoration that they could hang up at home. They followed instructions well and used their creative thinking to design a jumper and then their cutting skills to make it into a decoration to take home.

They look very jolly, well done Robins! Have a fantastic break.


Book Advent


Last advent tree 17.12.21

Today, was our last advent tree visit. There were three books left and only two children who hadn’t visited the tree yet. They had the task of choosing – luckily, they both liked the look of the same book. Another lovely addition to our library!


Thank you Miss Williams for organising the book advent tree this year, we have loved it! From all of the Robins in Year 4!


Fun with Arts and Crafts

Can you see what we are making?

On Wednesday afternoon, the Robins made a Christmas or Holiday card for their family at home. They followed instructions well and used their drawing and cutting skills to make a penguin card.


It’s a seasonal positive penguin!


We added a message to our family on the stomach and a lollipop stick! They look very festive, well done Robins.



Investigative Journaling

In Maths this week we have been doing investigative journaling.

Pupils have been exploring the distributive law in multiplication.

Some proved how we could work out the twelve times tables using the ten times tables and the two times table. Other showed how we could double the two times table to make the four times table and finally some went further to show how we could partition other times tables.



Extension: Click here to watch a video about Mental Multiplication. 

Advent Book Tree

Book advent tree 13.12.21

This afternoon, a group of Robins went to choose another book from the book advent tree. We read several blurbs on the front, narrowed it down to two and voted! The vote tied, and we had to compromise and work together as a team, we decided it was the best idea to do ‘eenie meenie minie mo’! And this was the book that won. Another excellent choice and addition to the Robins’ library.


Find a fact!

Our E.R.I.C challenge was to find a factual book and share a fact!

Robins then picked out a new book from the Book Advent! Hurray, it’s a Ben Miller book (one of Mr Lo’s favourite authors)

Have you read it yet?

P.S don’t we look good in our seasonal jumpers!