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Arrays to support Multiplication

In Maths today , Mr Lo used some digital tools to support our learning.  Our target is to recall all our times tables within 6 seconds.

Today we were learning about counting in 7’s. Here are some of the tools used:

This included the interactive counting stick. Click here to access it!

Arrays in Multiplication


and Fishy Timestable Arrays. This is useful for showing the commutative law of multiplication which means you can multiply numbers in any order and the answer is the same.

Finally, here’s the numberrock 7’s song to help us recall them.

Multiples of 7 Song | Multiplication Dance Video by NUMBEROCK
Don’t forget to also try them at home to support your learning review!


Suffix making the /shun/ sound

This week in spelling, the Robins in year 4 have been learning the ‘tion’ and ‘cian’ suffix. We wrote our spellings in a pyramid to help us see the patterns and remember how to spell the words. This morning, we matched the word to the picture, any spelling we made a mistake on, w could correct in purple pen.  

Don’t forget you can always review your assigned spellings on Spelling Shed!

Rhythm Review

In Music today, Robins reinforced their understanding of Rhythm.

They had to listen to the rhythm of four musical extracts and listen carefully to the rhythm being played.  Each Rhythm matched a country.


There was quite a lot of discussion about them but in the end Robins got them all correct! Well done!

Recording our code

In Year 4 pupils have been using a variety of tools to create a program.

This includes Scratch, Blockly and Hopscotch.

Today, pupils reviewed their prior knowledge on using hopscotch to make a character move.

They then explored how to make shapes in hop scotch and recorded down the instructions.

Some pupils quickly realised they could reduce the number of instructions by using a repeating procedure.  Well done!

Have an iPad at home? Click here to download Hopscotch. 

Good, Better, Best!

Robins are very lucky this half term learning both the Guitars and the Glockenspiels in addition to improving confidence in singing.

In Music, there is an emphasis on building confidence with reading musical notation. This week Robins had to decode the notation and write the notes on by themselves. They did very well.

They then had to have a go at playing the piece of music. ( March Of The Golden Guards)  They were quite rusty at first but are now developing confidence.

For singing , Robins sang the song Good Better Best.  Below are some clips from our lesson.


Can you remember the musical vocabulary we also covered?

Rhythm  &  Pitch

Reflecting on our progress

Recently Robins had some time to reflect and find pieces of work in English they were proud of.

All pupils agreed:

  1. Their handwriting had shown improvement.
  2. They have improved their writing stamina. (They can now write more fluently than before.)

Most pupils agreed:

  1. They improved their understanding of Grammar (The rules of English)
  2. They are more confident in writing better sentences using a range of features. (Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, fronted adverbials, expanded noun and prepositional phrases etc.)

By doing this activity,  Robins were able to

  1. Improve their skills in reading aloud. They had to make sure that they read it with feeling using  intonation and appropriate volume so that the meaning is clear.
  2. Share their learning with their table groups, partner and whole class.

After discussions Mr Lo asked if any Robins were brave enough to read aloud to the whole class.  Below is a video of them. (It was lovely to see so many of us put our hands up but unfortunately time is limited but.. we will do it again!)

What are you proud of? What have you enjoyed learning about ? Leave a comment below!


Computing 22.11.21

Using a variety of tools to create a program

The Robins in Year 4 this afternoon had computing. In computing, we were using the application Hopscotch to code a character. We worked in pairs to make the character move, change colour or change size. We used a sequence of instructions to tell the character how to move and what to do.

Mr Lo, set us a challenge to make the character move in a square or rectangular shape. Working together, we managed to complete the challenge! Here are a few videos of our work.

Which coding program do you prefer Scratch or Hopscotch?

Lively Library

The Robins in Year 4 love spending ERIC in the library. Some of them, chose their next library book and signed them out. Some of the Robins, took the opportunity to answer the question board in the library. A few of the Robins, either read with their friends or spent some quiet time reading alone. While others asked for recommendations or discussed the books they had already read.