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Year 4 : Celebrating Pride

(Dripping Water will eventually weather away a rock)

Perseverance Leads to Success!

Robins came in with a big smile this morning; after all, we’re all very proud of England winning their latest game!


Today,during reflection time we thought about the importance of “I am proud of myself” . (Pride is also the value of the month)

Robins first wrote messages to themselves reminding them why they should be proud of one’s self.

They then dotted around the classroom writing positive notes of pride on each others pride bookmark.


Robins – We’re proud of you

Well done to Dylan for getting his new belt in Karate.


Charlie and Ryan for great achievements in Football.


Exciting News!

Robins are super excited to find out that there is a new and upcoming author releasing his first children’s book….and Mrs Sabir knows him!

First-time author T.M Jorden has created a beautiful, enchanting children’s story in the debut title –

The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer

The story follows the extraordinary adventures of 8 year old Poppy as she spends quality time with her grandparents in Derbyshire and with an amazing teddy bear called Lord Ted.

In this first book Poppy meets magical fairies, solves a theft of the crown jewels and has the pleasure of meeting grateful royalty.

The wonderful relationship that Poppy has with her new friends helps her to

learn and appreciate the core values of love, honesty and respect.

The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer will be

coming out this Summer!

Have a look at the website and browse around, there is so much to find out!


Watch this space as we are really lucky to be receiving TWO SIGNED copies of the first book soon…and you never know, maybe we could persuade and be lucky enough to have T.M Jorden come and visit!

Computing: Etch a sketch

In the past couple of lessons, Year 4 Robins have been attempting to create an Etch a Sketch game. They were shown how to program their chosen sprites to use the pen up and down blocks.

Some children were then able to press different keys to change the pen colour and also change the backdrop. Some children even managed to add an instruction backdrop before the game loaded.

Click here to have a go on their Etch a sketch games!

Geometry: Turns and Angles

Rocking Robins worked well on their knowledge of Bar Charts and Line graph last week, Well done!

Now we’re learning about Geometry.

On Monday our learning objective was to recognise angles as a property of shape or a description of a turn.


To help us understand Quarter Turn, Half Turn and a Full Turn, Mr Lo played a game. We had to actively listen to the instructions and turn correctly.


Mr Lo then showed us the relationship between turn’s and fractions.

and finally we played a game where we had to unlock the doors to stop the explosion! Click here to play it. 


Extension:  Take a look at the following websites to help you review your learning.  Lesson 1 – a simple illustration to show how many quarter turns in a whole turn. Lesson 1 – this will introduce children to vocabulary and how to give instructions for the practical task. -Lesson 2 – A useful right angle challenge to stretch and challenge.  Lesson 5 – A simple guide to review symmetry and introduce vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry.

E-Safety – Privacy and Security

In Computing week Robins have discussed the importance of E-safety.

Two areas have been covered

1. Health and Well-being – The Impact of screen-time.

Over the course of the week pupils monitored their screen time usage. They then compared and discussed whether they thought they managed their screen time well.


2. Keep Personal information safe.

Well done to Ava, Ryan, Charlie, Amaya, Seth for commenting: 

  • Personal information includes our name, address and telephone numbers.
  • We must keep it safe from hackers.
  • It’s important people do not use our details.
  • Parents have bank details, they must be kept safe.

Finally everyone demonstrated that they could make a complex password



Manipulatives in Maths

It’s computing week in year 4. Robins have been learning all about how digital Manipulatives can help them with their maths.


Below is the coin tool we used.


Click here to access more manipulatives. 

Interactive Clocks

Today, Robins reviewed how to tell the time on an analogue clock.

To help them with this, they used an online interactive clock.

Why not have a go below! Can you work out , O’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to?

Extension: Click here for BBC Bitesize : Telling the Time

Having trouble identifying quarter to on an analogue clock? Click here for a virtual review lesson.