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Conductors and Insulators

Robins have been working together to test different materials to establish whether they are conductors or insulators.

First they had to collect the required equipment and setup the circuit.

Didn’t they¬† have fun?!


They then had to record their findings.


Extension: Watch the BBC Teach video on Insulators and Conductors

Here We Are Project

Robins have been actively part of the Here We Are whole school project.
The book provides a powerful vehicle for children to reflect on and make sense of the world we are all living in. The words and pictures work together to help children to understand their place in the world and to move forward together in a positive and constructive way.

Our Here We Are working wall reflects some of the wonderful work Robins have produced.

Robins contribution to the project include:

  1. Original Poems
  2. Writing positive messages to one another.
  3. Produced a leaflet on keeping safe.
  4. Analysing song lyrics. (What a wonderful world)
  5. Researching and appreciating people they admire.
  6. Creative artwork on the natural world.We have collected pieces of work and created our own Here We Are scrap book.

Extension: Enjoy the song, “What a wonderful world”

Outdoor Fun with Rounders

Take a look at all the fun outdoor sports activities Robins have been enjoying!

Our aims in playing the sport include:

  1. Throw and catch the ball with increasing accuracy
  2. Hit the ball into zones to score points
  3. Work as an individual to keep score

Reading: Take some time to read more about the sports!

Exciting Electricity

Recently Robins are having fun learning all about electricity and electrical circuits.

Robins have discussed :-
– how electricity can occur naturally( e.g lightning ) and other sources of electricity (e.g fossil fuels, nuclear, solar and geothermal)
– appliances that run on electricity

Robins showed a lot of curiosity and critical thinking when discussing electrical circuits. Can you remember the names of each piece of equipment?

Robins also worked well together; discovering how to connect a complete circuit to light a light-bulb.


Did you know you can find lots of extra information on the internet too?!
Why not read up more about electrical circuits by clicking on the extra resources below.

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Do you know anything else about Electricity and Electrical circuits? Don’t forget to reply to this blog and share your information!