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Happy Half term

It’s been a wonderful autumn half term. Robins have wrote a positive message to each other and look forward to another exciting half term.

In the afternoon Mr Lo rewarded Robins with some golden time. They chose whether they wanted to go on TT Rockstars, Mathletics or Readiwriter. We also had a whole class tournament! (Don’t forget to join in our half term TT Rockstars tournament too!)

P.S Robins have also been very excited with the arrival of Layla. Welcome to Robins!

Video Surprise – The Fantastic Flying Books

We’ve had a lovely Friday. Robins received a special treat. They watched the film edition of The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.

We then discussed the differences between the book and the film.

Extension: If you’d like to watch it again. Here is the video link

Here are some more activities which you could discuss at home
• ‘Morris Lessmore loved words. He loved stories. He loved books.’ What are your favourite words / stories / books?
• Retell the story from Morris’ point of view.
• Write a detailed description of the storm that caused everything to scatter… even the words of Morris’ book.
• Imagine that you are Morris and describe what you would do after a storm that caused everything in your life to scatter.
• Imagine that a ‘festive squadron of flying books’ could carry you into the air. Where might they take you? Write a story about the adventure that you would have.
• Imagine that Morris had time to talk to the lady flying through the air. Write the conversation that they might have had.
• Morris finds ‘the most mysterious and inviting room he had ever seen’. Explain how he might be feeling at this point. Can you describe it from his point of view?
• Write a description of the different locations in the story. Can you think of lots of adjectives, similes or descriptive phrases?
• Write your own story about a book that comes to life.
• How many different types of books are mentioned in the story. What is each type of book for? Make a glossary (or a guide) to help others learn about them.
• Have you ever become ‘lost’ in a book. What was the book? Why did you enjoy it so much?
• Make a list of your friends and choose some books that they might enjoy.
• If you could interview the author, what questions would you ask him? Watch this interview to find out more about his thoughts on the story.

Black History Month: Harriet Tubman

This month is Black History Month and during their Topic lessons, Robins have been learning about famous black people throughout History.

As a class we have studied about Harriet Tubman.

During an afternoon Robins carefully created their own fact file or diary entry about Harriet Tubman.
Can you spot your own work?!

Robins have also worked hard to create a display board showing the learning we have done on both Black History and our value of the month Tolerance. To highlight what a wonderful and diverse class we are; we created a map showing where we are from. Doesn’t it look nice?! (don’t forget to leave a comment for encouragement ? )

Extension: At home visit to see how Harriet Tubman tells the story of her life and how she escaped slavery.

Instruction Writing

As Robins showed great behaviours for learning during their spellings, Mr Lo decided to do a paired reading activity. Robins first discussed what are the organisational features of instruction writing.

Pupils first discussed the features of instruction writing and then had a go at paired reading and identifying those features.

Below is an example of the reading.

1.At home why not have a go at writing some instructions on how to play your favourite sport or computer game?!
2. Visit and watch this Halloween themed video on how to write instructions!
3. At home think about where you might find instructions! The picture below may help you.


This morning we looked at words beginning with “in”.

The whole class worked quietly and concentrated hard on their handwriting as well as spellings.

Can you spot your own work?

Extension: Take a look at for more words beginning with “in”

P.S At home don’t forget to continue reviewing the statutory spellings.

Expressing Joy and Thankfulness

Today Year 4 learnt about joy and how we express it through our lives and in faiths.

The class were great at recalling all the different situations in which joy is expressed.

The children even noted that people express their joy through celebrations and those celebrations can be related to your faith.

The class then learnt about Diwali, which is a Hindu festival of light. In different parts of India it is celebrated with different reasons but essentially marks the start of the new year.

Diwali is a very important holiday in India.

The word Diwali means ‘row of lighted lamps’.

Houses will be lit up with lights and Diva lamps which will welcome the Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of wealth). The lights will guide her to their home and to help her in, the leave a door or window open.

Hindus will also decorate their home with “Rangoli” patterns. These are bright, beautiful, colourful patterns that are left on the floor and decorated with lights.

The children had a go at making some patterns too.

The class then went on to look at being thankful. The class agreed that there was a lot to be thankful for and made a great list of things.

Everyone agreed that being thankful for those that care for us is important and they set about writing a letter of thanks to them! Islam, as well as all other religions, teaches Muslims to be grateful, thankful and good to those that care for them.

There were some lovely letters to parents and carers in Year 4. A testament to the loving way they have be brought up.

Talking Tuesdays

Every Tuesday Robins have the chance to talk about what’s happening in the news.

This week Robins have talked about the latest on the new lockdown rules affecting Wales, a space probe hoping to ‘high five’ an asteroid, and some spooooky ideas for celebrating Halloween at home this year whilst using the time conjunctions they have learn this week. (e.g First, second, third, at the beginning , in the middle, at the end.)

Here is a summary of our discussions.

1. Wales announces national lockdown for two weeks
Wales has announced a two-week national lockdown to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, said that from 6pm on Friday October 23 until Tuesday November 9, people should stay at home.

Under the new rules people cannot mix with others they do not live with – that’s both indoors and outdoors.

The lockdown in Wales is being called a ‘firebreak’.

2. Nasa to build the internet on the Moon!
Ever dreamed of going into space but been put off because you can’t stream films, watch YouTube or play a video game up there?

Well that dream is one step closer to becoming reality…

Nasa has teamed up with a mobile phone company, to build the first 4G mobile phone network on the Moon!

The space agency’s Artemis programme aims to establish a sustainable human presence on the moon within the next decade.

And let’s face it – you need to be able to check your phone when you’re there!

Read more about the story here –

3. FA has a new plan to boost diversity and equality in girls’ football
The Football Association (FA) has launched a new plan for women and girls’ football.

It’s a four-year project called Inspiring Positive Change, and it aims to “create a sustainable future” for women’s and girls’ football in England.

The new strategy means football will be part of the PE curriculum in schools and has created a target for 90% of schools in England to be part of The FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships network.

Finally, at home, why not keep up to date with the daily news at CBBC Newsround –

Conversation Writing

For Lower KS2 students, it is imperative that they learn about the ways dialogue can impact an oral or written piece can impact a character’s development. This is because they will be tasked with, as part of their curriculum, being able to ‘draft and write by composing and rehearsing sentences orally (including dialogue)’.

Robins have recently been enjoying the thrills of conversation writing. First, they reviewed how to write in the first person followed by a planning activity of what would the characters say in the story and finally they finished their conversation writing.

Keep up the good work Robins. (We’re still working on our fluency in writing but we’re all confident we can make progress! )

Sharing is Caring

Robins have had great joy in sharing the learning they have been doing at home. This has included

Paige –> I have been reviewing my scanning techniques with my family.
Pippa –> I’ve had a go at learning some Chinese characters.
Leah –> I’ve had a go at moulding cakes.

Furthermore, Dylan and Kenzie decided at lunch time to have another go at making a Greek style clay pot.

Moreover, in one of our ERIC sessions we have continued to read our class book and shared ideas. Pupils used their knowledge of time conjunctions to re-tell the story.

Finally, I’d like to say a big thank you to Jessica for bringing in such a valuable selection of donations for the harvest festival.