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Writing Task

Non-chronological report

Welcome to your imaginary world – a world where anything you can imagine is possible.

Your task is to write a non-chronological report about your world. Remember to divide your writing into sections, which will each have their own sub-heading.

Try to add detail to your writing in different ways:

Method                                                Example

conjunctions                                     it’s sun is like a blood red orange and the sea is vibrant                                                                            green

fronted adverbials                          Situated 5 million miles from earth,

nouns phrases                                  the fruit trees with giant spikes

expanded noun phrases              the colourful flowers with a hypnotic scent

parenthesis                                       the city (established in 1925) lies beneath the mountains

I’ve added a link below which has several few examples of non-chronological

reports for you to read through before you begin writing. You might be able to

find some writing techniques to use in your own work.

Please email your completed pieces of writing to

and add FAO Mr J as the subject.

I look forward to finding out about your imaginary worlds!

Creative Writing

The miraculous journey of the gnarl railway

There was once an old lady who was very poor. She always dreamed of a perfect life. One day she was walking in the woods when she tripped and fell. When she got up, she found herself in a rocky canyon and an unusual railway track leading on into the puffy clouds. All of a sudden, a dark, mysterious Genie said, “ WHO DARE TRAVELLS ON MY RAILWAY!!!!!”

“I am just an old lady please don’t hurt me,” said the woman scared to death by the sound of this terrifying monster. A train appeared out of the mist, and hoping that the voice would go away, she dashed over to the train and jumped in. As the train drove off, the old lady was relived but what she didn’t know was that scariness and creepiness was coming her way. The insides of the train were like walking in an abandoned movie scene. It had dirty broken glass, ripped and torn up seats and spiders hanging off huge webs. She was starting to feel uncomfortable. The she thought …… who was driving the train. Instantly, the train came to an abrupt stop. Just as the little lady got back onto her feet she looked out of the window and realized the rickety track had broken. If she was to fall down into the water she would have been eaten by crocodiles but the voice she had heard earlier was now saying it would grant her three wishes on one condition she would set him free on the last wish. She quickly decided her first wish. “I wish for the train track to be fixed,” she said in a hurry. So the Genie fixed the track and off they went. When they got to the end of the train ride the woman made her last two wishes. “I wish to be happy,” she requested bursting with pride, “and now my promise to you Genie. I wish for Genie to be free.”

Immediately, the golden cuffs disappeared.

As the old lady aged her saying was always if you do something kind you might not get a reward but you will feel happy. She never forgot about the day she met a kind Genie.

By Amelia

Image preview

by Esmay

PSHE Home learning

Hello Year 4. I hope you are all well and staying safe.

We would have been looking at similarities and differences between people and I found a lovely activity for you to do. It needs you to talk with someone and describe someone you know (maybe a friend at school or a family member). I wonder if the person you describe will be recognised by them.

Think about the things that make them special, interesting and your friend. We have so many similarities but we also have so many differences. That’s what makes us so special. It is these differences that help us help each other and that is so important.

See if you can complete the sheet. I can not wait to see them!

Documents to download
PSHE Similarities and differences
I feel good about the ways we are the same and different PSHE

I am missing you all so much!

Stay safe and look out for the next PSHE Home Learning piece.

Mrs Sabir

Other subjects – Home Learning

Good morning,

Welcome to your daily update, predominantly for English, but today also including other lessons you might like to do this week.

The Science, Music and Geography lessons continue from those I posted last week and I have added a link for the BBC’s touch typing lessons. Touch typing is a valuable skill and I would encourage you all to have a go at it and keep practicing – I am going to be doing it too, alongside the children we have in school this week.

Using apostrophes


What is reflection and how can we use it?

Rhythmic patterns

Touch typing

Contours, keys and symbols

I hope you enjoy these lessons. If you have any questions or would like to share how you are getting on with your work, please feel free to email me

Year 4’s Creative Writing

Thank you to those children who have emailed in their creative writing based on the picture below. It is fantastic to see your imaginative interpretations of the image. Please remember to keep proof reading your work and editing it so that it is the best it can possibly be.

I would love to be able to post more of your writing on the blog so please send in your work if you haven’t already done so.

Keep an eye out for the need writing task that will appear on the blog on Wednesday.

Ghost Train

At midnight it happened, it appeared. I went on it to find my death. I was afraid because 7 others died.

Loops were everywhere on the tracks. I went on the train (it took 3 hours). When I arrived, the camera smashed. I awoke dead. I found the answer, the meaning of life!

by Oliver

Through the foggy mist the old lady was walking towards a mysterious ladder. There were crumbling brick walls, high in the sky that made her feel dizzy. All around her, she could hear the echo of footsteps. Even though it was dark and eerie, she could still hear the birds chirping. The lady was cared but she knew she had to take the journey. Suddenly, she started climbing knowing she was going to a better place than before. As she started climbing, she could smell the fresh grass above her and that spurred her on. Finally, she reached the top. She could see flowers dancing upon the wind and grass greener than she had ever seen. This was the place she had dreamed of her whole life. She was finally there. It was the promised-land.

by Ryan

The adventure of finding

In a dark, dusty cave, there was a woman, who was a grandma looking person, and she stepped out into the darkness. She could hear the wind whistling and could see the peculiar looking dust flying in the air. While holding on to the old stick, she found out there was a track, which was made out of wood. Going for the first step on to the track, she stood there, looked down and screamed! In a speed of a motorbike, the woman rushed to where she was again and a very frightened look on her face. She thought, “Maybe I’ll have another try at stepping in there again.” From when she was little, she wanted to find out what it was like to have an adventure so in the night she crept out of the windows and was lost but she lived in a cave for 20 years. Now she couldn’t find her way back again. An adventure would take a long time, but before living in that cave she was interest in circuses so that’s how she got an idea of an adventure and went to find a bigger circus to look for. She was also looking for her parents.

For a while standing there, she decided to step on the track. So scared but lucky, she followed the track carefully not looking at what was behind or underneath her foot. It took about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Wow! How did the woman know? She brought a watch that her parents gave her. When she was little, every time, she got her watch, went to bed and then her mum comes in the room and asks what time it was. Carefully, she stepped one by one on the track. She finally reached there, looking crazy, and went to find the circus. Still, she couldn’t find it but she kept going. She heard that her mother and father lived in a big circus because they found out that she loved circuses There was another track…….Where could that lead to? After 5 minutes of walking, she found a really big circus, also she found her parents.

At last! Guess what? She can help the circus do the work and watch how they perform funny acts. It was now a good time, not dusty, not sad, like the beginning, but a spring of air and happiness.

by Ke Xin

The endless ladder to a dragon’s cave

After hours of walking, she got to a bridge. A long bridge. A never ending line continuing on forever. One where you could only use your imagination to get to the end of line. Only clever people could do that – clever people like Nikita. Strong-willed and smartness got her everywhere in life and today is the day where it finally pays off. Trust me, being surrounded by sharp stone walls that will close in on you, tall, rotten grass and hot smoke that will lead to lava. Hot burning lava if you fall off the bridge. But what made it even more scary is that underneath you could see dead animal skulls in the lava and screams of them whom had just had just fallen in; however, some did survive because they had been rescued but that’s not very often- the only time you get rescued is when you rescue yourself by managing to grip onto the bridge for fatiguing hours until then finally someone else will truly come to rescue you. Reader, you may be wondering why anyone would want to take such a risk that could lead to certain death but that is because legend has it that there is over a million treasure chest lurking in the Dragon’s cave. The only luck that you could have on the journey is that this is quite tranquil and is very fatigue so will be sleeping when you get there. IF YOU GET THERE. Because then again it’s very dangerous. “ It has been 3 days already! This way to the dragon’s cave is endless, even though it is the only way…” sighed Nikita, starting to sob a little from all the pressure’’ I need to get that treasure… I NEED TO GET THAT TREASURE! For my brother…” Nikita’s brother was in a and e [accident and emergency] so she needed to get the money to pay for the surgery. Nikita still had thought dancing through her mind-sad thoughts –really sad thoughts, until she wished to just teleport to the dragon’s cave. 5. 4. The ground started to rumble. 3. 2. Pebbles flew. 1. Was it a hurricane? Was the dragon angry? Nikita started to sob. Clear tears ran down her face. Tears of pure sadness. She had been taken by a hurricane then landed on her two legs in the dragon’s cave. She had made it! The first person on earth to get to it! This called for a celebration. You didn’t need that never-ending bridge you just needed to think.

by Shona

A little old lady walked this way every week to get her poor little husband fresh eggs from the farm.  It was very cold and very foggy.  She felt very scared but knew she had to go there.  The bridge that she climbed was very creepy and the creepy noises came from a owl tooting.
                                                                                                                                                                                            by Mason

Home Learning – 27/04/20

It has been brilliant to receive some of your writing from last week! Please do email through any work you would like feedback on or if you have completed pieces of writing that I can share with everyone on the class blog.

Daily Maths Calculations Practice

Answers for these questions will be posted on the class blog at the end of the week.

White Rose lessons
Please continue to access the online lessons from White Rose. One lesson a day would be brilliant and don’t worry if you aren’t able to print off the worksheets you can access them online.

I hope you are managing to read every day. It would be fantastic to hear some of your book recommendations so that I can share them with the rest of the class. I have just started reading The Travels of Ermine by Jennfier Gray. I’ve only read the first three chapters but I can tell you the story gets going really quickly and I am looking forward to seeing where it leads.

As for last week, I would like to use the resources released on BBC Bitesize as I think they give more help with the work than I would otherwise be able to provide. Unfortunately, at present, there are only resources available for today, Monday. I have attached the worksheets for this lesson on prepositions and will post the worksheets for future lessons when they become available.

Documents to download
Missing Prepostions
Preposition Word Mat

This week’s spellings are below. Please practise them every day and ask an adult to test you on them at the end of the week.

Writing Task

You might remember this image from one of our Guided Reading lessons before Christmas.

I would like you now to use it as the inspiration for a piece of creative writing.

Before you start writing, please think about the following questions:
• Who is the person?
• What can they see?
• What can they hear?
• Where are they walking to?
• Why are they walking there?
• How do they feel?

Try to include a range of descriptive words and phrases so that the reader can really picture the setting without having seen the image. Including the character’s emotions in your writing engages the reader more fully and helps them to imagine what it would be like to be in the story.
It would be lovely if you could turn it into a full story but I am most interested in you making sure your writing is the best it can possibly be. One fantastic paragraph is far better than a rushed complete story.

If you are able to photograph your writing or type it up on the computer, please email them to me so that I can share your writing on the class blog.

I look forward to reading your work!

Mr Johnston

Year 4 – Eastender’s theme tune on guitars

Please have a look at the 1st video I have done for you to try. The videos are a way of us hopefully communicating how we are getting on with the lessons. However, I am keen to stress that this is mainly for fun and a way of you telling us how you are doing generally. It would be great to hear from you using the email address above or the comments section and I will reply either through the blog comment section or in the next video.

If you want to email me directly, please send an email to

I have included the notes sheet to help with the video and I would imagine your guitars may well be out of tune. Therefore, I am doing a separate video just for guitar tuning. There are several guitar tuners on free apps – I would recommend “Guitar Tuna” it’s quite easy to use.

Look forward to hearing from you, take care.

Learning to play ‘Eastenders’ theme tune on a guitar

Eastenders – Guitar Notes

Tuning your guitar

Other subjects – Home Learning

I hope you got on well with the lessons yesterday. Remember, if you have any problems, you can email me at

As your normal lessons are about so much more than just English and Maths, I have included a few lessons on other subjects that you might like to access this week.

What is light and where does it come from?

Light and Dark

Start singing


Map skills

How can I be a historian?


Welcome back Year 4!

I hope you have had a good Easter break and that you are ready to get back to some school work.

Daily Maths Calculations Practice

White Rose lessons
Please continue to access the online lessons from White Rose. As before Easter, one lesson a day would be brilliant and don’t worry if you aren’t able to print off the worksheets you can access them online.

I hope you are enjoying reading every day. Remember, the decision on what you read is completely your choice but try to vary it if you can – it would be lovely to hear from those of you who have completed their reading challenge!

The BBC have launched daily lessons for different subjects and I would like you to follow their English lessons this week. Lessons focus on: pronouns, expanded noun phrases, past tense verbs and verb families, adverbs / adverbial phrases and reading poetry.

In case you have difficulty accessing the worksheets for these lessons, I have added them to this blog.

Documents to download
Expanded Noun Phrases
Nathan Nouns
Verbtenses 1
Verbtenses 2
Writing Expanded Noun Phrases

This week’s spellings are below. Please practise them every day and ask an adult to test you on them at the end of the week.

Easter Holidays

The next two weeks would have been the Easter holidays and we have decided to treat them as such for the children, not setting work for this period.

Should you wish to continue the routine of working with your child each day, please continue to read daily and they can always have a go at some creative writing, which I would love to post on the class blog after the holiday.

I hope that you are all keeping well and that you are able to enjoy some quality family time together.

We will be back on Monday 20th April with further Maths and English activities.

Take care.

Mr Johnston