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Fair Trade

Year 4 looked at what Fair Trade meant PSHE. It was very interesting.

Amelia shared that she and her mum always look out for Fair Trade bananas. She knew that it meant the growers of the bananas are paid a fair price for what they grow. Well done Amelia.

Leo knew that Dairy Milk chocolate has a Fair Trade sign on it. We talked about how that meant that the growers of the cocoa were given a fair price for it.

The children enjoyed understanding the process by which things are grown, harvested, traded and sent to shops for us to buy.

Do you know of any other products which carry the Fair Trade logo?

We will continue this next week…and even manage to do a taste test!

Recommended reads

Year 4 spent their ERIC time in the library today. They took the opportunity to delve into lots of interesting books. There is a new display in the corridor too that has recommended reads from all the teachers… but the children have to wait until next week before they can borrow them. The children have got their eyes on a few of them.

Callum even found one that he had read before and has given it a huge thumbs up, so that’s another recommendation! Can you see which one he has read before?

The recommended reads will keep changing, so keep your eyes out for new titles and old favourites from the teachers!

Chemistry experiment

Today we put two double sided leads on the negative side and the other on the positive side, the negative had a zinc nail on and the other had a copper nail. The zinc nail reacted very well in the solution and we noticed that there was a change in the colour of the metal and gas was released.

Blog written by Callum F and Nashe.

Claudius the Roman emperor

After Claudius left he assigned a general to lead the army. The Romans found the Isemi tribe camp and whipped the leader with horrible insults. They took people for the army and stole from them. Boudicca (the Isemi tribe leader) wanted revenge so she went around Britain with 100000 army members and the Romans had 10000 so Boudicca thought she would’ve won the battle between them and the romans. When the time came the romans won by killing 80000 members of the tribe and only 400 from the roman army after that there were no more Britain invasions.

3 Facts
This all happened in 1 years time.
Boudicca was believed to have poisoned herself to evade capture.
The battle took place in the West Midlands.

By Callum F and Nashe

Online identity

As part of Safer Internet Week, Year 4 Robins did a wheel to represent what we all do online (notes on picture below.)

Then we talked about identity. Here are some of the notes put into a sentences.

Your identity is who you are online and in the real world.

► Your identity can be your name, hobbies and even personal information.
► Identity is really important and it can affect you, your mind and actions.
► Your DNA is important because it controls you and helps you with your life.

Four Robins join the Digital Council

Year 4 children Esmay, Moharnab, Shona and Nyeema have all successfully passed their application process to be selected new members of the Digital Council – the school’s online safety group.

The process involved an application form submission and an interview with Mr Baddhan, Ms Hughes (Chair of Governor / Safeguarding) and Mr Evans.

Mr Baddhan was delighted to select the four children who all showed fantastic enthusiasm and willingness to improve the good work of the Digital Council to keep children safe at Bells Farm.