Monthly Archives: January 2020

Learning about money

Year 4 have been learning about money in our PSHE lesson.

We started with thinking about where it comes from, where we keep it, how it feels to get money and best of all, where to spend it!

We also looked at Pride Place, a lovely street, with lots of interesting characters. These characters are going to help us learn more about money over the next few weeks.

We started by helping Bert with his shopping. He had £35 to spend from his pension but he had to buy food for three days, as well as getting top ups for the phone and the electricity…not to mention his wife Ada wanted a “treat”. The class managed all the shopping and treat for less than £35! That’s
Excellent as shopping on a budget is not easy. The class made very sensible decisions, making a choice of bread, so they could make sandwiches as well as having beans on toast. Very wise.

They also made sure the essentials of the top ups went into the basket first so they could see how much was left over for the food. Mrs Sabir was very impressed with the class. Wells done.

Video: Edward Tulane stories

Today we finished our Edward Tulane stories. Edward was a much loved “toy” rabbit who was sadly thrown overboard, caught in a fishing net and rescued by a fisherman. He was lived all over again until he was sadly thrown on a rubbish heap.

The children wrote how Edward ended up in these different places and how he felt.

Amelia shared her story with class… Have a watch below…

Variables and If, Do, Else statements

Year 4 Robins have today been continuing their understanding of programming by building algorithms with variables and If, Do, Else statements.

The children use a website called ‘Code for Life’ to program a van to drive on a road but wait at traffic lights if the red light appears and move forward if the traffic light is showing green.

Robins were asked to use the least amount of blocks as possible to ensure they get a higher score at the end of the challenge. Some children impressed with Mr Baddhan with their debugging and programming skills.

Game making in Kodu

In the last couple of lessons, Year 4 Robins have been getting more familar with programming using Kodu – a 3D game developing platform.

The children were asked to explore the program and see if they could insert a Rover to move around and collect coins. The coins should vanish once the Rover bumps into them. Points should also be awarded when each coin is collected.

Children were asked to add an apple to their games to take off points when the Rover bumps into them.