Monthly Archives: October 2019

Saving energy

Year 4 spent the week logging their energy saving acts. It was brilliant to see so many children remembering to work hard at being energy efficient and conscious. They either filled in their logs at home or kept them in school, always remembering to fill each day in as the entered in the mornings! Such dedication.

Children even logged other ways in which they had tried to be energy efficient:

The energy log showed that:
• Children were more aware of being energy efficient.
• Children did more energy efficient tasks as the week progressed.

Well done Year 4!

Eco friendly test

Year 4 have set themselves a challenge to log how eco friendly they are. They shared lots of great things like, using less water, switching off devices, turning off lights and taking their bikes, rather than going in a car.

But saying and doing can be very different things! So the challenge is to log what we do over the next seven days. Hopefully we will see that we have increased our actions over the week.

Why don’t you set yourself the challenge too!