Monthly Archives: September 2019

Partitioning of numbers

Year 4 got stuck into their partitioning of numbers this morning. It was lovely to see their growth in confidence with explaining reasoning.

Well done year 4. Keep the confidence up and the questioning. We are also ensuring we start our sentences with “I agree/disagree with ——- because… “

Our questioning of each other and our own ideas is getting better and better.

Class Charter

Today in year 4 we devised a class charter.

We looked at the rights and responsibilities of each child.

We looked a four key areas:

► Being healthy
► Being safe
► Being yourself
► Being heard

The class then thought about their responsibilities and devised a class charter.

Past tense words

Year 4 have been working super hard this afternoon on their past tense words. They showed excellent team work skills, taking turns and listened to each others ideas.

Not only that but they applied the four rules and used them brilliantly.

Mrs Sabir was really impressed with the handwriting too! Keep it up Robins!

A very warm welcome to Year 4

Everyone looked super smart this morning and eager to get into the joys of the new year.

We started our day with Circle Time and thinking about what we are good at. We certainly are a talented bunch and have a lot to bring to Year 4. Some of the things we are great at are: Maths, writing stories, dancing and being creative. Not to mention some of us are great friends, like helping others with their work and kind.

The children have begun as they mean to go on, showing great behaviours for learning. Well done Year 4, Mr Johnston and Mrs Sabir are really looking forward to the year ahead.