Monthly Archives: July 2019

Recognising and challenging prejudice

To start our PSHE lesson, Year 4 were put into groups of three. Two of the children were asked to whisper to each other so that the third child couldn’t hear what they were saying. They took it in turns to be the person who was excluded by the other two children.

After this, we spoke about how the children felt as that excluded person. The children had lots of different ideas:

► Betrayed
► Curious
► Lonely
► Left out
► Upset
► Self-conscious

To end the discussion we then discussed ways of dealing with this behaviour and strategies we could use to help make it stop. The children suggested telling a trusted adult, holding in your own feelings and asking the person nicely to stop.

Working as a team

As part of a PSHE lesson Year 4 were asked to work in small teams to complete a jigsaw puzzle. The challenge for them was to do this in silence! The children proved that they are actually very good at working well together and can communicate in other ways then talking to work together well.

Video: Bystanders

Today Year 4 completed an online safety lesson all about bystanders. To begin with the children had to think about how a bystander would feel having witnessed or read unkind behaviour online. We then spoke about how the bystander could deal with these situations and what the best thing to do would be.

The children were then asked to create a little rap or a poem to give people advice on how to deal with unkind online behaviour.

Healthy alternative

Year 4’s task for cooking was to create a healthy alternative of something that is on the school menu. We decided to make pizza as most of the children agreed that it was one of their favourites. The children discussed how we could change a pizza to make it healthier and which toppings we could have on top. The children then spent time planning their very own pizza.