Monthly Archives: February 2019

Raising money for charity

After having a few discussions in PSHE about money, year 4 have spent part of this afternoon thinking about raising money for charity. We started off with a discussion sharing ways we know of raising money already before moving on to the main task of the lesson. The children were put into small groups of 3 and had the task to create a simple financial plan to do some fund-raising for a local charity. The children had to think carefully about 4 things to get them started on their plan:

1. What charity are you going to raise money for?
2. How much money do you want to get for the charity?
3. How are you going to raise the money?
4. How long will it take you to raise the money?

The children loved creating their plans and came up with some wonderful ideas! We had different types of stands selling stuff such as lemonade, throwing sponges at people (possibly teachers!) and even a special camping ground where the money is given to charity!

Reliable or fake website?

This afternoon, Year 4 looked at a website called ‘The Dog Island’. This website is a fake website that has been specifically made for children to explore and question the reliability of it. After looking at the website for a short amount of the time, the children’s immediate reaction was that it sounded great and was a good place for dogs to go to so they can be free.

Evie and Megan then remembered something that Mr Baddhan and Google had told them. They remembered that if the website was safe to use there would be a locked padlock next to the URL. The class could not see that padlock there so they decided that the website was not secure and probably wasn’t real. The children then spent time looking at what other clues are on the website to give you the idea that it is not genuine.


Year 4 have been focusing on area in mathematics and today they started to draw their own shapes that needed to have a particular area. The children all did extremely well with this and Demi had a very clever technique to make sure she was drawing a shape with the right area.

Demi decided she would count the squares for her shape using dots and then she would draw around the dots to make the shape complete! Demi was then very helpful to her peers and shared her ways of doing the work with those who were struggling. Well done Demi!

What charities do…

Continuing their topic of money, year 4 have been discussing what a charity is and what different charities do. After talking about which charities they already know and what they do, the children used the iPads to find out about some more charities in the world and what they do to help.

Digital Media

Year 4 will be completing some photo editing in art and design as part of their digital media unit. We spoke about different perspectives you could take photographs from. Before the children go out and take their own photographs to edit, they had some time using the editing software to edit photos Miss Edwards had taken. The children really enjoyed having an experiment and seeing what they could do!

Consent online

What would you do if someone put a picture of you online?
Katie– tell them to take it off as they hadn’t asked permission.

You download a game and it asks for permission to know your location?
Megan- you need to get permission from an adult before you click yes.

Your older brother or sister posts an embarrassing video of you dancing on their social media.
Kezi- I would tell a trusted adult, like a parent.
Katie- if your parent wasn’t there you could tell another adult that is around.

Your friends parents won’t let them have their own phone, so they ask if they can have your old one.
Niah- even though she’s my friend, her mum said she couldn’t have it so I couldn’t give it to her.


To kick off Safer Internet Week, Year 4 have been discussing the term plagiarism and finding out what that means.

The children started with a very good idea of what the word might mean and said they thought it was similar to copyrighting something. We then went on to discuss how plagiarism is when you copy/take someone else’s work and pretend that it is your own. The children straight away knew that this was wrong and that no one should take credit for someone else’s work.

The children then completed a short activity where they were provided with different scenarios and they had to state whether what the character had done was okay or no way, not okay! After making their choice, the children then had to explain why they chose that option.

Discussing the internet & network

This afternoon, Year 4 were discussing the internet. Miss Edwards started the lesson off by asking the children to draw her three pictures; an apple, a dog and the internet. After the children had done this, we then had a discussion about which pictures were easier to draw and why this might have been. We came to the conclusion that the internet was the hardest picture to draw and this was because it isn’t an object like the other two are.

We then discussed what the internet actually is and linked how it works to how you would travel to a different city along roads and motorways. This is how information is sent between devices through wires and cables, there are smaller wires and there are larger wires that all interlink and get the information to where it needs to be.