Monthly Archives: December 2018

Making the stockings!

After designing the Christmas stockings the children could not wait to get started on actually creating them. The children were very patient and used their perseverance skills to sew the felt together to form the stocking itself.

The children then went on to decorating their mini Christmas stocking in the way that they had designed. They are all looking brilliant and the children are super excited to take them home for Christmas!

Designing our Christmas stockings

In DT Year 4 will be making their very own Christmas stocking. Before the pupils could start creating them, we had to discuss what they might need, how they would make it and what it’s purpose would be. To introduce the children to the topic, we have also read the story of the Christmas stocking all about St. Nicholas.

The children then went on to completing their own planning sheet and designing what they wanted their stocking to look like.

Risks of smoking

As part of Year 4’s PSHE topic this term the children have been discussing the risks of smoking. During the class discussion we spoke about why people might start smoking, what the risks of smoking can be and also why people might find it difficult to stop.

Why do people smoke?
Kezi: they might think that it looks cool
Evie: people might try smoking just to see what it’s like but then they become addicted
Harry: stress can cause people to smoke because it relaxes them
Niah: peer pressure

Why do people find it difficult to stop smoking?
Sophie: they are not aware of the risks involved with smoking so they choose to carry on
Poppy: they enjoy it
Brooke Ba: becomes a habit for them
Evie: they are addicted to what is inside the cigarettes