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Online safety comic strips

In the last couple of Computing lessons, Year 4 Robins have been learning about features of a comic strip. They said the following features were important; design, colour, speech bubbles, thinking bubbles and key characters.

Robins then created a comic strip based on online safety – being an upstander or respect on the internet.

The app children used was Comic Life on the iPads.


In PSHE today Year 4 focused on the term democracy. We learnt that demos means people and kratos means power or rule. Together this created the word democracy which year 4 discovered means rule by the people.

We started looking at how makes decisions in the UK and how decisions are made. We discussed how when you are 18 or older you are able to vote and can go to a polling station to make your vote. We also talked about MP’s, the priminister and different parties.

The final question I had for year 4 was if you were in charge, what would you change?

We had lots of lovely responses to this question including giving homeless people houses to live in, making sure all of the bins are collected by the bin men and many more.

Change of plan in PE

Today Year 4 had a change of plan for PE. Because the school were having photos taken Year 4 stayed in class for PE.

They played a great strategy game. They had to show skills in:

• Listening
• concentration
• memory
• speed

Remembering names of football teams and numbers as voices bounced from around the circle was a real challenge.

Mrs Sabir was very impressed with how the children managed it! She couldn’t keep up with them all.

Well done Year 4. Back on track for PE on Monday.


In RE, Year 4 have been reading an e-book all about Diwali, the festival of light. The children have found out what Diwali is and who it is celebrated by, as well as what the different days of Diwali include.

Rama and Sita

They have also read the story of Rama and Sita which is a story closely linked to the Diwali festival. The children loved hearing the story and even wanted to read it a second time! They were especially interested in the demon king who took Sita away.


In PSHE, Year 4 have been looking at Parliament and investigating how laws are made. The children found out all about the UK Parliament and other assemblies in the United Kingdom. They also looked at what role Parliament has in the country as well as the role the Government has.

Class Charter

Near the beginning of Year 4, Robins discussed what class rules are and why we have them. They were able to list many different class rules but we decided to create a set that are personal to our class.

We thought we would share these with you so that you know what we are aiming for in Year 4:

Creating shapes in Hopscotch

During Computing with Mr Baddhan today, Robins used an iPad app called Hopscotch, where they learned how to program characters to perform an action using instruction blocks.

The app allows children to insert various programming blocks including motion, drawing and repetition.

Mr Baddhan asked the children to build a code to create three shapes; a square, rectangle and a triangle.

The triangle was the most challenging shapre to create however some of the children guessed the angle required for a triangle was 120 degrees repeated three times.


Year 4 started their week with a check in again.

Once again we shared our lovely weekends telling the class about walking their pet dogs, having sleepovers and enjoying family time.

Some lovely words were used…
Joey felt “Clever” this morning!
Yusif was “Excited about maths”
What a wonderful way to start the week.

Programming using Kodu

Year 4 Robins have today been getting familar with programming using Kodu – a 3D game developing platform.

The children were asked to explore the program and see if they could insert a Rover to move around and collect coins. The coins should vanish once the Rover bumps into them. Points should also be awarded when each coin is collected.

Children were asked to add an apple to their games to take off points when the Rover bumps into them.

Some of the children grasped today’s task and really enjoyed Kodu. Robins will continue with their game making on Friday.

Ancient Greece

Year 4 Robins started their Humanities topic on Ancient Greece today.

They wrote down what they already know and then put down some questions they would like answered by the end of the topic.

It will be interesting to find out answers to these as well as all the others.

Well done Robins.


Year 4 started their morning with a check in. It’s always nice to share news and how we feel.
We have had some lovely words on how we feel like “spectacular” and “excited”.

Some of the children had some adventures over the weekend…like going to the Safari Park and meeting up with family and friends.

Lots of children were excited about upcoming birthdays too.
We shared our news and got ready to work.

A prefect start to the week for Robins. Well done.

Creating Etch a Sketch using Scratch

In the past couple of lessons, Year 4 Robins have been attempting to create an Etch a Sketch game. They were shown how to program their chosen sprites to use the pen up and down blocks. They were asked to create two shapes; a square and a rectangle.

Some children were then able to press different keys to change the pen colour and also change the backdrop.

Here are some of their finished games.