Monthly Archives: October 2017

Democracy and voting

This week have learnt about how the government works, how they make up the rules for the country and how democracy works. We had a debate about whether we thought it was fair that you are only allowed to vote when you reach the age of 18.

This is what we thought…

In this lesson, we then looked at other laws that affect us. We discussed the positives and negatives of this law.

Rules and laws

This half term in PSHE, we have been discussing rules and laws. In our circle time today we came up with a list of rules for a range of different things in our daily lives.

We discussed who makes up the rules such as; parents, friends, siblings, the government or even ourselves.

Respiration in the leaves

In science we have set up an investigation looking at respiration in the leaves.

We have learnt that leaves produce water droplets when they respire. We are looking to see if covering the leaf’s surface will affect respiration.

We have covered the leaf with a layer of Vaseline and will monitor how much water is lost over the course of the week.

Observational drawings

Year 4 Robins will be spending two weeks studying plants and photosynthesis in science.

In today’s lesson we studied leaves by making careful observational drawings and looking at them under microscopes.

Below is an example by Dalila who has shown an amazing improvement in her writing and spelling since joining us