Monthly Archives: September 2017

Acrostic poem

This term in RE we are thinking about the things that make us happy and how we show that we are happy. We will be looking at celebration in different religions and how they show they are thankful to their god.

Today we wrote an acrostic poem of the things that make us happy.

Ancient Greece workshop

Today Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon with the ‘Freshwater Theatre Company’.

We went back in time to Ancient Greece and took part in a number of games all based around different aspects of Ancient Greece. We mimed actions for Greek gods, learnt about their many inventions and reinacted a famous Greek myth.

Welcome Year 4 Robins!

Today we have been looking at our school rules. We have created some still frames of each school rule to try and show what we think it should look like!

This is what we came up with.

1. Behave calmly and safely in and around school.

2. Share values that make us good citizens.

3. Show respect for everything and everyone.

4. Listen to each other and follow instructions.

5. Work hard and take pride in what you do.