Monthly Archives: July 2017

Discussing our value word – Respect

This morning, Robins discussed the value word for this month. They were asked what “RESPECT” means to them:

Next the children were asked to think of a time when they have shown?

Kaicie – We respected the gurwarah at the Sikh temple when we removed our shoes and covered out heads.
Daisy – I stood up for someone who was being teased for their skin colour.
Krystal / Abdulbari– We respected the teacher by listening and not talking on the Roman trip.
Shayla – I respected my sister’s choice of icecream.
Osama – We are respectful when we show good listening to Mrs Parry.
Emily – I am respectful when I hold the door open.
Mrs Sargant – Saying please and thank you is being respectful.
Christos – We show respect on Nov 11th for soldiers that gave their lives for us in the war.