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Landscape watercolour painting

Robins finished off their landscape watercolour painting this afternoon. They have been comparing the work of two landscape artists and today, painted an abstract picture in the style of David Hockney. Robins looked at a colour wheel to find out about contrasting colous. Here are some examples of his work and the class interpretations, painting in his style:

David Hockney landscape painting

Importance of rules

Robins discussed (and debated) whether people could we live without rules. After lots of contributions, they realised the importance of rules for everyone in the world, not just school!

Mrs Parry explained how teachers follow rules about what lessons have to be taught in school. She asked Robins to plan their own timetable and then explain why it suited them and what they would be missing out on. After hearing some of the suggestions, we realised the importance of rules in this instance i.e. the balance of skills needed in adult society!

Some of the alternative lessons are listed below!
Party games
Virtual reality training
Movie afternoons
Dragon’s Den
Pet club
Car mechanics
Lots of trips out!


Today, Robins began their new topic about teeth.

Everyone discussed facts they already knew about teeth and created a mind map. Then they considered what they would like to find out about teeth.

Afterwards, the children looked at a huge set of display teeth, plastercasts of teeth, braces and even sets of false teeth!

Easter boxes

Robins have been busy creating Easter boxes. They began by examining how packaging and boxes are constructed before designing and planning their own. Kaicie remembered the extra parts were called “tabs” so everyone had to remember to add these on to their drawn plan. Children decided card would be better to use than paper because it is stronger.

To accurately draw the cube template, Robins realised they need to use their mathematical skills in measuring and using a ruler correctly!

Mrs Parry provided the class with a flat piece of A4 card to create their boxes following their plan and designs. Children worked independently, discovering and overcoming difficulties which helped them to self-evaluate their creations; reflecting upon how they would improve certain aspects and features next time.

Here is a summary of class tips and advice, following the evaluations.

Improvements for next time:
•Ensure all sides of the template are measured accurately, using a ruler and beginning at zero (rather than the edge of the ruler).
• Make sure tabs are not too small (else they are too small to fold and glue).
• Fold the card accurately on the line (else your sides won’t meet together properly).
• Cut neatly on the lines (else the sides won’t join together neatly).

Robins also made a selection of pop-up cards which helped to practise their DT skills further.

Easter acrostic poems

Robins have enjoyed creating acrostic poems today.

Everybody has an egg hunt,
An Easter bunny comes to our homes,
Singing our Easter songs,
The chicks come out of their eggs,
Everybody goes to church,
Rabbits run home.

Easter is egg-cellent!
An Easter egg hunt,
Start searching for your eggs!
Two weeks off school,
Easter is nice,
Ring the church bells.

Everyone enjoys Easter,
Anyone is welcome,
Singing songs for Jesus,
Then Jesus comes on the cross,
Everyone made fun of him,
Risen into heaven.

Easter is amazing,
At Easter time you get chocolate eggs,
Sit and eat chocolate all day!
The Easter bunny hands out eggs every year,
Even when you’re naughty the Easter bunny still visits,
Running around the blossom which smells beautiful.

Easter is eggcellent!
At Easter time bunnies hop all around and the spring flowers grow,
Sat on the sofa eating Easter eggs all day long!
The Easter bunny visits everyone,
Every Easter I get lots of eggs,
Running around the garden, children having fun.

Easter eggs,
Animals come out,
See bunnies hopping,
The lambs jump around,
Eating a lifetime supply of chocolate,
Ring the bells.

Eggcellent chocolate eggs for Easter,
A yummy chocolate egg,
Some chocolate eggs are huge,
Time to think about Jesus,
Every Easter is on Sunday,
Risen, Jesus is risen.

Easter story

Robins have been exploring God’s response to human suffering in RE today and have been retelling the Easter story.
They also watched a Lego version of the story too.

They are all looking forward to sharing the story in their class assembly tomorrow!